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Fat Babies Jazz Uptown

The Fat Babies – Uptown

The mere announcement of a new Fat Babies album should inspire most readers of The Syncopated Times to run out and buy it. They are

Bratislava Hot Serenaders Lonely Melody

The Bratislava Hot Serenaders

I haven’t been this excited about discovering a new band in a long time. I mean T-shirts and bumper stickers excited. Part of my interest

The Syncopated Times Website on its first day.

Celebrating Two Years Online

On March 24th 2018 we announced the launch of on our Facebook page. At the time we only had 300 followers. A total of

Funkrust Brass Band Bones and Burning

Funkrust Brass Band: Bones and Burning

The Funkrust Brass Band is a 20-piece “post-apocalyptic disco-punk brass band playing all original music with megaphone vocals, heavy tuba bass lines, thundering percussion and

Russell Welch Acetate Sessions

Russell Welch – Acetate Sessions

Russell Welch is a name that comes up again and again as I explore the new crop of New Orleans musicians. I’m delighted to cover

Selfie tim mcinnes

Selfie by Tim McInnes

At 62 Tim McInnes felt pursuing his musical ambitions had become now or never. He revisited his childhood Schaum method piano training and began to


A Pre-1920 St. Patrick’s Day Play List

We collected these Irish highlights from the National Jukebox, a Library of Congress effort to digitize early 78 RPM records (pre-1925) and make them available

Tatiana Eva Marie photo by Amos Rose

Tatiana Eva-Marie’s Romantic Ambitions

If YouTube views are any indication Tatiana Eva-Marie leads one of the most popular traditional jazz bands going. A Swiss-born actress and vocalist she’s on

Stompin Lickers Barely Covered

Barely Covered by The Stompin’ Lickers

Have you noticed Hollywood counts on European actors when they need a pitch perfect American accent? Christiane Beinl, who leads Vienna’s Stompin’ Lickers hones in

Bums at Fagans

Ralph Grugel: The Bums at Fagan’s

The Bums at Fagan’s has been reissued in tribute to the namesake of Toledo’s annual GrugelFest, Ralph Grugel, who is credited with bringing the Dixieland

David Lukacs Dream City

David Lukács: Dream City

At 41 reedman David Lukács has already been playing the classic jazz circuit internationally for over 20 years. In 1998 he won the Kobe Jazz

Frog and Henry 2019 ii

Frog and Henry 2019ii

A new release from Frog and Henry feels as real and exciting to me as taking home a fresh pile of 78s.  Started as a

Horniblows Hot Three Steppin on the Gas

Horniblow’s Hot 3: Steppin’ on the Gas

David Horniblow, clarinet, Andrew Oliver, piano, Nicholas D. Ball, percussion. If you’ve been reading my reviews for the last few months you’ll know that this

Clive Wilson Time of my Life

Clive Wilson: Time of my Life

“Wow, wow, wow! He knew everybody!” That was my impression through the first half of Clive Wilson’s new memoir about chasing his love of traditional

Joanna Morea Crazy People

Joanna Morea – Crazy People

Eastern Europe, and Poland in particular are crazy about jazz. Joanna Morea, a Polish singer and instrumentalist, is publicly recognizable in a way that just

Southside Aces Santaphone

Southside Aces: Santaphone

The Southside Aces have been serving up hot New Orleans jazz in Minneapolis since the early 2000’s. They were mentored by Charlie Devore and Bill

Peantus Gang Trio Welcome In

The Peanuts Gang Trio: Welcome In

The Peanuts Gang Trio is perfectly situated to play comforting yet titillating festive music. They’ve been together in the Reno Nevada area since 2015, initially

Keenan McKenzie Bull City Holiday

Keenan McKenzie A Bull City Holiday

There’s something about Christmas that brings out the best in people. That spirit permeates even when you recreate Christmas in August by shuffling most of

Guillaume Nouaux & the Clarinet Kings

Guillaume Nouaux & the Clarinet Kings

Inspired by a record store find many years ago Guillaume Nouaux has finally brought his most ambitious project to fruition. The inspirational records were two

Michael McQuaid Diaspora

Michael McQuaid: Diaspora

Michael McQuaid is an Australian multi instrumentalist now resident in London and a member of the Vitality Five. His hot jazz chops go back to

Soggy Po Boys All in Favor

Soggy Po’ Boys- All in Favor

With a contemporary New Orleans sound drawing on funk, brass, and even calypso you’d never suspect the Soggy Po’ Boys hailed from Dover, New Hampshire.

Olive Brown Empress of the Blues

Olive Brown Empress of the Blues

If the name Olive Brown doesn’t ring any bells you can forgive yourself. She wasn’t a Golden Age blues singer or even a chanteuse of

george masso

Trombonist George Masso has died at age 92

Trombonist, vibraphonist, composer, and bandleader George Masso died Tuesday, October 22, 2019, he was 92. The son of a trumpet-playing bandleader, George Masso’s musical education

Champian+Weeds+Dream+a+Little Cover

Champian Fulton & Cory WeedsDream a Little

This is Champian Fulton‘s 11th release, and the fourth we’ve covered since launching in 2016. What’s different about this one is the intimate setting for

California Feetwarmers Gloryland

The California Feetwarmers Gloryland

The California Feetwarmers were recommended to me by no less than Vince Giordano of the Nighthawks and Robin Rapuzzi of Tuba Skinny. I’ve long enjoyed

Tenement Jazz Band New Orleans Wiggle

Tenement Jazz Band: New Orleans Wiggle

When I heard the name Tenement Jazz Band my first thought was “I bet they’re from Scotland”. I was hoping Glasgow, where twenty years ago

Jacks Cats The State of Swing

Jack’s Cats The State of Swing

“Listening jazz that just happens to be great for dancing” is the gist of one recommendation I read about Jack’s Cats, a surprising group of

Three Blind Mice Jazz

Three Blind Mice See How They Run

Highly skilled trios are common enough playing advanced swing or thoughtful chamber jazz and the members of Three Blind Mice are certainly capable of both.

Revisionists Let me off uptown

The Revisionists Let Me Off Uptown

The Revisionists’ debut album captures a classic vocal swing sound you wouldn’t think possible. Like an early 50s Anita O’Day lp that becomes a house

odyssey 768x768 - Ulysses Jasz Band <em>Odyssey</em>

Ulysses Jasz Band Odyssey

I had the wrong idea about the Ulysses Jasz Band. When I popped in their album I was expecting a hot West Coast style band.

Svetlana Night at the Movies

Svetlana Night at the Movies

Syncopated Times readers will remember Svetlana from her hot band The Delancy Five, who are a staple of the New York traditional jazz scene and

Jimmy Haislip trombone

Jimmy Haislip (1936-2017)

We belatedly note the passing of the excellent trombonist Jimmy Haislip, of St. Louis, who died on December 31, 2017 at 81. He started his


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