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off the cuff Reeder and Dag

Reeder & Dag Off​-​the​-​Cuff

Two complementary musicians with distinct approaches to career “rendezvous in a Manhattan apartment” and record spontaneous arrangements of American Songbook material. Grand piano and snare

Bob Wilber young

Classic Jazz Reedman Bob Wilber has Died

Jazz revival clarinet and saxophonist Bob Wilber, who explored the sound of Sidney Bechet, and at times stood beside him died August 4th, he was

Chicago Cellar Boys Happy Feet 78 rpm

The Chicago Cellar Boys Release 78 rpm Record

The Chicago Cellar Boys simmer in that same stew of early recordings, having listened beyond what makes it onto compilation discs, and it makes the jazz they play all the hotter.

Ricky Alexander Photo by Melissa Daum

Ricky Alexander Strike Up The Band

Ricky Alexander is the quintessential New York jazzman of the twenty-teens. After being exposed to civic and legacy bands while growing up in the DC

wolverine jazz band tell me

The Wolverine Jazz Band: Tell Me

The Wolverine Jazz band has been providing hot traditional jazz all over the North East and at festivals nationwide for almost 25 years. They’ve maintained

Daryl Sherman Lost in a Crowded Place

Daryl Sherman: Lost in a Crowded Place

A veteran of the New York City Jazz scene known for taking deep dives into the American Songbook Daryl Sherman delivers on her latest album,

Syncopated Times Back to School Drive

Syncopated Times Back to School Drive

Times are tough for school music programs, and for print publications. Here’s an idea that can help with both. Now you can buy a half

Nicki Parrott New York to Paris

Nicki Parrott New York to Paris

Nicki Parrott started her career in her native Australia before jazz took her to New York in 1994. Since then she has become a true

Nirav Sanghani and the Pacific Six Album Cover

Nirav Sanghani and the Pacific Six

Nirav Sanghani pulled in an all-star crew for his first release with his Pacific Six. Clint Baker is on trombone for the opening track and

Frog and Henry England 2019

Frog and Henry England 2019

Frog and Henry are the most interesting of several cooperative bands with fluid lineups coming together around a musical idea. In their case, that idea

The Chaperone

The Chaperone

The PBS film The Chaperone is currently making the rounds in specialty movie houses. It is based on the book of the same name by


Leon Redbone has Died at 127

Leon Redbone, a one of a kind personality who brought vintage music to the masses, died on May 30th at 69 years old, though in

Jonathan Ng: Dreaming On My Feet

Off The Beaten Tracks June 2019

The following albums were reviewed in the June 2019 Off the Beaten Tracks column. Click the image for an individual review to read and share.

Jonathan Ng Dreaming on my Feet

Jonathan Ng: Dreaming On My Feet

Jonathan Ng, is a lindy hop, balboa, and blues dancer with classical violin training. He traveled widely with Ellis Dyson & the Shambles, a band that

Jill Corey: Let’s Go To Town

Jill Corey: Let’s Go To Town

Let’s Go To Town has four National Guard radio shows that probably date from 1961. While the pitching for the National Guard (and its “up-to-the-minute

The Royal Klobasneks

The Royal Klobasneks: Here We Go

In anticipation of reviewing Here We Go! I found myself excitedly in line at the Pulaski Meat Market, a landmark institution anchoring a quiet corner

Norma Miller Credit Joe Mabel/Century Ballroom

Queen of Swing Norma Miller Dies at 99

Norma Miller, who died Sunday, May 5th at age 99, grew up in an apartment overlooking the Savoy Ballroom. She could watch the dancers from

Where to see the Bolden Movie

Where to see the Bolden Movie

Bolden, about jazz pioneer Buddy Bolden, was shown in 232 theaters when it premiered Friday, May 3rd. As of May 31st, it is no longer

Joe Venuti's Blue Five Swing

Joe Venuti’s Blue Five Swing

Joe Venuti, the first and some would say best jazz violinist, recorded consistently brilliant performances both as a leader and a sideman during 1925-35. The

The Silver Bell Jazz Band

The Silver Bell Jazz Band

The West Coast traditional jazz scene has been gaining steam recently with phenomenal new bands stepping up as many from a previous generation retire. I’m

André Previn, Musical Polymath, Has Died At Age 89

The Final Chorus April 2019

This is the Final Chorus column as it ran in the April 2019 print edition. Click on the name or image to be taken to