Michael Steinman

Michael Steinman has been published in many jazz periodicals, has written the liner notes for dozens of CDs, and was the New York correspondent for The Mississippi Rag. Since 1982, Michael has been Professor of English at Nassau Community College in Garden City, New York. This story was originally published on Michael Steinman’s excellent blog Jazz Lives (jazzlives.wordpress.com), and is reprinted here with Michael’s permission. Write to Michael at [email protected]. May your happiness increase!
Andy Senior about 1975

Andy Senior, Poet

For this month’s column, I cede the floor to Michael Steinman, who published the following kind commentary about me on his excellent site, jazzlives.wordpress.com. I

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Hartzell "Tiny" Parham (1900-1943)

Who Killed History?

I first wanted to call this post “The Death of Historical Consciousness,” but that title, although accurate, seemed too ponderous to be chewed and swallowed.

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Rich Conaty

Aloha! Rich Conaty

In the history of jazz, people who do not play instruments do as much, in different ways, to sustain the art without getting equal credit.

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