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Clarence Jones and his Sock Four
Paramount 12747 was released under the name of the Clarence Jones and his Orchestra and Okeh 8404 was released under the name of Clarence Jones and his Wonder Orchestra.

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Clarence Jones and His Orchestra
Clarence Jones and His Orchestra


TitleRecording DateRecording LocationCompany
Hold It Boy Blues
(Clarence Jones)
12-28-1928Chicago, IllinoisParamount
I’ve Got It All
(If That’s Any News To You)

(Clarence Jones)
12-28-1928Chicago, IllinoisParamount
‘Mid The Pyramids
(Clarence Jones)
12-28-1928Chicago, IllinoisParamount
The Arm Breaker
(Clarence Jones / Fred Rose)
7-21-1926Chicago, IllinoisOkeh

Rip BassettBanjo, Guitar, Vocals
Vance Dixon?Alto Saxophone, Vocals
Clarence M. JonesPiano, Leader
James McCeary?Cornet
Joe Walker?Alto Saxophone, Vocals
Bill Wilson?Cornet
UnknownBass Brass, Drums, Tenor Saxophone, Trombone, Trumpet, Banjo


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