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Henry Halstead and His Orchestra

Henry Halstead led a band at the St. Francis Hotel (335 Powell Street) in San Francisco from 1922 to 1925. His band also appeared nightly on KGO radio broadcasts that spread the name of his orchestra up and down the West Coast.

Henry Halstead and his OrchestraHalstead’s band went on to play extended residencies at hotels and clubs in Los Angeles, Seattle and Santa Monica up until early 1944 when he disbanded the orchestra because he was losing so many of his musicians to the war effort.

The Halstead Orchestra was one of the first jazz or dance bands to make a sound movie short in 1927. The Warner Brothers’ Vitaphone film was called ‘Carnival Nights In Paris’.

Henry Halstead 1927

After he left the bandleader business Halstead bought an airfield, a restaurant and dance hall in Big Bear, California. He lived there for a few years and then moved to San Francisco where he booked talent at the St. Francis Hotel for a couple of years. After that he moved to Los Angeles, California and booked talent for a couple of more years there. Halstead then he moved to Phoenix, Arizona where once again he booked talent for a few years and then got into real estate.

Thanks to Hank Halstead Jr. for his help with the information on this page.

Henry Halstead and His Orchestra

Title Recording Date Recording Location Company
Ain’t That Too Bad
(Chick Endor / Eddie Ward)
5-16-1927 Los Angeles, California Victor
Bull Frog Serenade
(Charles F. Caldwell)
6-19-1924 Oakland, California Victor
(Kerr / Abrahamson / Warner)
9-12-1924 Oakland, California Victor
China Girl
(Halstead / Warner / Singer)
9-12-1924 Oakland, California Victor
Dream Of Love And You
(Transcribed from Liszt’s “Liebestraum” by Glenhall Taylor)
5-12-1926 Los Angeles, California Victor
Frantic 6-20-1924 Oakland, California Victor
Give Me Today 5-12-1926 Los Angeles, California Victor
I Don’t Know Why
(Frank Galvin / Jack Coakley)
9-12-1924 Oakland, California Victor
If I Were King
from the Musical Comedy “Patsy”

(Ingleton / Grey / Kornblum)
5-12-1926 Los Angeles, California Victor
Moonlight And Roses
(Neil Moret / Ben Black)
2-6-1925 Oakland, California Victor
My Idea Of Heaven
(Is To Be In Love With You)
5-16-1927 Los Angeles, California Victor
On The Way To Monterey
(Neil Moret / Ben Black)
1-23-1925 Oakland, California Victor
One Moment More With You
Vocal Refrain by Buster Dees

(Ray Egan / Dick Whiting / Neil Moret)
4-8-1929 Hollywood, California Victor
Pal Of My Lonesome Hours 5-16-1927 Los Angeles, California Victor
6-20-1924 Oakland, California Victor
(Billy Hill)
2-6-1925 Oakland, California Victor
Rosy Cheeks
(Simmons / Whiting)
5-16-1927 Los Angeles, California Victor
Sweet Little You
(Irving M. Bilbo)
8-30-1924 Oakland, California Victor
Tear Drops
(Lou Davis / Arnold Johnson)
3-28-1929 Hollywood, California Victor
Tessie (Stop Teasing Me)
(Brooke Johns / Ray Perkins)
8-30-1924 Oakland, California Victor
That’s My Girl
(Joe McKiernan / Henry D. Kerr)
6-20-1924 Oakland, California Victor
The Roses Brought Me You 5-12-1926 Los Angeles, California Victor

Henry Halstead and His Orchestra

Artist Instrument
Hal Chanslor Piano
Buster Dees Vocal
Ross Dugat Trombone
Marion Fonville Vocal
Henry Halstead Violin, Leader
Phil Harris Drums
Craig Leitch Vocal
Zebe Mann Banjo, Guitar
Abe Maule Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone, Violin
Chuck Moll Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Bass Saxophone
Red Nichols Trumpet
Ernie Reed Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Bass Saxophone
The Rounders Vocal
Ted Schilling Trumpet

Henry Halstead and His Orchestra

Title Director Year
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