Oscar Papa Celestin

Poem: Remembering Right

A Tribute to Oscar “Papa” Celestin and Other Early Jazz Artists from the Thibodaux, La., Area This poem was commissioned for the Thibodaux Jubilee celebration

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A Song of Blunder

Years ago I read a clever story And it inspired the song that I will sing: Time-travelers sought prehistoric glory, Went back, and changed a

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Co-Dependent Baby

Co-Dependent Baby (Sung to the tune of You Know What) Come, Sweetheart mine— Don’t snort that line, Put away your crack pipe and your airplane

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Barney For President

Coat Show (Poem)

Our national discourse has improved considerably Since Barney was elected President. Who else would kids of all ages love and trust Having been spurned and

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Vice Squad (Poem)

The joy in my moderation is so intense That I can hardly keep from smiling. I have succeeded in defeating temptation By boring it to

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Marks by Jim Leftwich from Lost & Found Times #39 (1997)

Coot (Poem)

I won’t eat in a restaurant. They make me nervous. I eat a lot of spam and tomato soup. I roast weenies on a fork

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Late Afternoon Sonnet

The pull of gravitation gets me down And holds me as I struggle to ascend; I grapple, its embrace thus to disown, Though certain of

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