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The Seminole Syncopators were a Jazz band that was lead by pianist Graham W. Jackson and based in Atlanta, Georgia in the 1920s. Graham W. Jackson was also a prominent teacher as well as a performer. Jackson gained some national attention as the favorite musician of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Seminole Syncopators left to right: Joe Garland, Prince Robinson, Happy Williams, Graham Jackson, Bernard Addison?, Harry Cooper.

ddd discography

Title Recording Date Recording Location Company
Blue Grass Blues
(Billy Meyer / Elmer Schoebel)
4-1924 New York, New York Okeh

Sailing On Lake Pontchartrain
(Emmet Walsh-Nell / Billy Wrigley)
8-30-1924 Atlanta, Georgia Okeh


Artist Instrument
Bernard Addison Banjo
Harry Cooper Cornet
Joe Garland Alto Saxophone
Graham W. Jackson Piano, Leader
Prince Robinson Clarinet
Happy Williams Drums
unknown Alto Saxophone


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