Tex Wyndham’s Texas Shout Returns!

Texas Shout was a wildly popular column which ran in our predecessor papers, The West Coast Rag and The American Rag.

Tex Wyndham is a recognized authority on ragtime and early jazz. He has played them on over 30 recordings and, since l968, at many major festivals, community concerts, and ragtime/jazz clubs, plus over two dozen cruises, as cornetist/leader of The Rent Party Revellers and The Red Lion Jazz Band, as a band pianist, and as a ragtime soloist.

Hot Jazz Jubile

Starting in 1966, Tex authored columns and reviewed ragtime and classic jazz recordings for several publications including The American Rag, The Mississippi Rag, Coda, The Second Line, and Rag Times. During 1966-1997, he wrote published reviews of more recordings of ragtime, Dixieland jazz and related music than any other U.S.-based writer.

Beginning in 1989, Tex Wyndham distilled what he had learned in a lifetime of involvement in Dixieland and Ragtime into topical monthly columns filled with insight and advice for those who want to better understand the music. We believe his wisdom and predictions have held up over time and will fascinate our readers as insight into the recent past and worthy lessons for today.

We will be posting the columns, HERE, in the order they originally ran. Look out for new posts on the 1st, 10th, and 20th of each month for the next two years.

UpBeat Records

As of July 1st, we will have the first six columns posted so you can get off to a running start. Topics so far have included trying to define Dixieland Jazz, a description of the Hot Dance style of Dixieland, and advice for musicians approaching both ensemble playing and creative soloing.

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