The Rebecca Kilgore Trio • Just Imagine: Classic Jazz at Classic Pianos

Just Imagine Rebecca KilgoreThis is a delightful trio album with Rebecca Kilgore providing vocals and occasional guitar, Dan Barrett and trombone and Paolo Alderighi on piano. Since I was already a fan of all three, when I read about the album, I ordered it immediately.

Of the fifteen selections on this album, most will be familiar to the average jazz fan—examples: “Oh, Look at Me Now,” “Daddy, Won’t You Please Come Home,” and “Cry Me a River.” Whereas, some are less so—as Ellington’s “Serenade to Sweden,” “I’m in a Lowdown Groove.”

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Paolo plays “Three Coins in the Fountain” as a delightful solo on the Bosendorfer piano in the studio. And as a surprise, the final piece is entitled “Mis’ry and The Blues” as duet by Paolo and Dan Barrett on twin Bosendorfers.

All three performers were favorites of mine already. I had seen Becky and Dan frequently at jazz parties around the country and both had appeared previously at Pensacola events. Although I’d read about Paolo and knew of his training in Milan, his interest in early jazz and his romance and marriage to American pianist Stephanie Trick, I didn’t see him in person until this February when they were featured artists at the Ragtime and Jazz Festival at Miss. State U. in Starkville.

Another plus for this album are liner notes by Michael Steinman whose jazz blog is likely familiar to many who will read this review. They mystery is why it took me so long to find this delightful item, recorded in December 2013.

Just Imagine: Classic Jazz at Classic Pianos
The Rebecca Kilgore Trio
With Dan Barrett and Paolo Alderighi
Blue Swing Recordings

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