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Al Gandee (1896-1946)

Al Gandee played with the Woverines when it was stationed for a three-month stint at Doyle’s Dance Studio in Cincinnati. He also participated on the Wolverines’ first recording date, which produced Gennett 5408 (“Fidgety Feet“/”Jazz Me Blues“). When the Wolverines ‘escaped’ from Doyle’s, Gandee elected not to go with them to Bloomington, preferring to stay in Cincinnati. Ironically, in the short-term this was not a bad decision, as when the boys got to Bloomington they found out they didn’t have a gig! Gandee was justly proud of his stint in the Wolverines, and after Bix died led a “New Wolverine Orchestra” in the Cincinnati area up until his death in 1946 in an auto accident. –by Uncle Dave Lewis

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