Dave Doyle

Dave Doyle is a swing dancer, dance teacher, and journalist based in Yorkshire, England. Dave hosts the Swing-Out Hour on Redroad FM, each Wednesday at 2000 GMT (2100 BST). Tune in at www.redroadfm.com. Write him at contact@davedoyle.co.uk. Find him on Twitter @DaveDoyleComms.

David Broad

David Broad’s Swinging Country Blues

Britain has a few reasons to be blue. Our economy is shrinking. Our politics is an international joke. And the weather this summer has been

Stompin’ at the Virtual Savoy

Stompin’ at the Virtual Savoy

Famed Harlem Ballroom to Throw Open its (Digital) Doors Once More In May of 1937, around 4,000 swing fans crowded a ballroom to see two

Scott Cupit Swing Dancing

More Swing Please, We’re British

British politicians are the bad jazz musicians of Europe. Smugly self-absorbed, they honk tone-deaf, repetitive solos out all time and tune with their confused, Continental

Nicola Farnon Sings and Swings!

Nicola Farnon Sings and Swings!

Nicola Farnon is surely living most musicians’ dream. In demand throughout Europe, the well-travelled jazz singer and bassist toured Ukraine last month. She has played

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