Jeff Barnhart

Jeff Barnhart is an internationally renowned pianist, vocalist, arranger, bandleader, recording artist, ASCAP composer, educator and entertainer. Visit him online at Email: [email protected]

Remembering Justice O’Connor

In all of my encounters with famous people (and what is “fame” anyway??…My favorite response to the question “Are you famous?” comes from my friend,

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Tempus Fudge It

“Oh, your life must be SOOOO glamorous!!” Any full-time musician traveling to eke out a living has undoubtedly heard this phrase hundreds of times in

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Jim Radloff and grandson at the piano.

Digital Challenges

Musicians have to be a hardy lot, and here I’m not only talking about the full-timers—those who log in hundreds of thousands of miles and

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Sideman Joys at the Bix

To set the stage for this month’s journey, I’ll quote lyrics from one of my biggest inspirations, pianist, composer, vocalist and lyricist Dave Frishberg: I

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I’m aware that this will be the second month in a row I’m dwelling on dear ones who, to quote Sondheim, “leave you halfway through

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A Little Jug Music: 1926-1927

Jeff Barnhart: This month we’re starting a two-part discussion about the music of the Dixieland Jug Blowers from the mid-1920s. I’ll freely admit I’ve only

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Sausage Baps and Tribute Bands

By now you faithful readers able to wade through my initial meanderings in each column are hopefully anticipating that they (usually) lead to something worthwhile.

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