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These are the obituaries grouped together monthly as they ran in the print edition. For individual reviews more recent than April 2018 look in the main Final Chorus section.

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The Final Chorus April 2019

This is the Final Chorus column as it ran in the April 2019 print edition. Click on the name or image to be taken to

The Final Chorus March 2019

This is the Final Chorus column as it ran in the March 2019 print edition. Click on the name or image to be taken to

The Final Chorus February 2019

This is the Final Chorus as it ran in our print edition, click on the photo to view the obituary as a single post sometimes

The Final Chorus January 2019

View an individual entry to share on social media by clicking on a picture or name. Karen Beatton died peacefully December 10th after a fight with

The Final Chorus December 2018

This is The Final Chorus as it appeared in our December 2018 issue. Click on the image or name to be taken to the individual

The Final Chorus November 2018

CHUCK DEE WILSON, 70, passed away on October 16th, while waiting for a liver transplant. He attended The University of North Texas at Denton, known

The Final Chorus October 2018

This is The Final Chorus as printed in our October 2018 issue. Longer versions of these and other remembrances may be found as individual postings

The Final Chorus September 2018

This is The Final Chorus as it ran in our September 2018 print edition. You may find longer obituaries for each of those remembered here

The Final Chorus June 2018

These are the remembrances as they ran in the print publication of the paper, many other obituaries are posted here as soon as the news comes

The Final Chorus August 2018

These are the remembrances as they ran in the print publication of the paper, many other obituaries, and longer obituaries for those listed below, are

The Final Chorus July 2018

These are the remembrances as they ran in the July 2018 print edition of the paper, many other obituaries, and longer obituaries for those listed

The Final Chorus April 2018

ALAN GERSHWIN, 91, February 27 in the Bronx. Famous for having maintained a curious (if not particularly lucrative) career on his dubious claim to be

The Final Chorus March 2018

BILL MOODY, 76, on Jan. 12, at home in Vallejo California. The author of nonfiction books on jazz topics as well as a series of

The Final Chorus January 2018

FRANK GRECO, 88, of congestive heart failure on Nov. 2 in Hemet, Calif. Originally from Warsaw, Indiana, he learned to play the piano and organ

The Final Chorus December 2017

NICHOLAS DENUCCI, 94, on Sept. 9 in Keene, New Hampshire. In his 20s, Nick DeNucci was the pianist for Glen Gray and his Casa Loma

The Final Chorus November 2017

DARLA CASTRO, 80, on Aug. 12 in Three Rivers, California. Wife of Charlie Castro, longtime drummer with the High Sierra Jazz Band. She often traveled

The Final Chorus October 2017

RICHARD FAZIO, 77, on June 12 in Boulder City, NV. A master pianist and vocalist, he performed with several U.S. Navy bands and the Sea

The Final Chorus September 2017

  JOE THOMAS, 84, on July 26. As a child, he learned to play alto and soprano saxophone, trombone, flute and piano, and taught himself

The Final Chorus August 2017

RICHARD HAWK, 82, on March 4 from a heart attack in Overland Park, Kansas. A successful entrepreneur who headed numerous ventures in the fields of

The Final Chorus July 2017

JOHN CIESLAK, 81, from cardiovascular issues on May 19 in Scottsdale, AZ. A multi-instrumentalist, best known as a longtime member of Igor’s Jazz Cowboys. Garbed

The Final Chorus June 2017

DICK CONTINO, 87, on April 19 in Fresno, California. A hip-swiveling accordionist and singer as a teenage star in the 1940s, he won $5,000 in

The Final Chorus May 2017

VINCENT FALCONE, 79, on March 24 from brain cancer in Torrance, CA. He studied music at Syracuse University and toured Europe with various jazz groups

The Final Chorus April 2017

HORACE PARLAN, 86, on Feb. 23 in Korsor, Denmark. A jazz pianist who was unable to use the middle two fingers of his right hand

The Final Chorus March 2017

JUNE BARNES, 92, on Jan. 16 in Ventura, Calif. Originally from St. Louis, MO, June was a string bass player with a number of bands

The Final Chorus February 2017

DAVID SHEPHERD, 87, on Dec. 15 in Hampshire, England. Often billed as Great Britain’s answer to Benny Goodman because of his instrumental facility, centered tone

The Final Chorus January 2017

AL CAIOLA, 96, on Nov. 9 in Allendale, N.J. A guitarist, composer and arranger who spanned a variety of music genres, including jazz, country, rock,

The Final Chorus December 2016

AL STEWART, 89, on Oct. 17 in Sarasota, FL. A first-chair swing trumpeter who for over 55 years played with some of the biggest names

The Final Chorus November 2016

RICHARD JOHNSON, 96, on Sept. 17 in Sacramento. A professional musician since 1938, he played trumpet, clarinet, and tuba and was a member of a

The Final Chorus October 2016

Belgian musician Jean-Baptiste “Toots” Thielemans, who turned the lowly harmonica into a virtuoso jazz instrument, died Aug. 22 in Brussels. He was 94. Thielemans, a

The Final Chorus September 2016

BOBBY HUTCHERSON, 75, from emphysema in Montara, Calif. on Aug. 15. A vibraphone and marimba player, Little B’s Poem from the album Components was his

The Final Chorus June 2016

DONALD McGRATH, 90, from cancer on April 17 in Riverside, Calif. A trombonist who during his life played with such California bands as Jazz-A-Ma-Tasa and

The Final Chorus May 2016

LLOYD BYASSEE, 81, on March 16 after a long illness in Castaic, Calif. Over the years he was the drummer for Turk Murphy (appearing on

The Final Chorus April 2016

ERNIE SANTOSUOSSO, 93, on Oct.19 in Norwell, Mass. Considered the dean of Boston jazz critics, he penned some 3,550 reviews and interviews for The Boston

The Final Chorus March 2016

WILLIAM DUNHAM, 88, on Jan. 11 in New York City. Organized one of the early traditional jazz bands, the Grove Street Stompers, that performed Monday

Kitty Kallen

The Final Chorus February 2016

ROGER KRUM, 73, on Oct. 22 from kidney disease and related illnesses in Sacramento, CA. A graduate of Fresno State University with a Master’s degree


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