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Husk O'Hare and His Footwarmers
Husk O'Hare and His FootwarmersMilenburg Joys features a rare vocal by Turk Savage with words added to the famous Jelly Roll Morton song by Walter Melrose. My Daddy Rocks Me is a typical blues that was sung with earthy lyrics in the South Side (Chicago) cabarets.

John Steiner, noted Chicagoan discographer suggests the line-up of Moe Ferguson – Cornet, Norman Jacques – Clarinet and Saxophone, Maurie Hicks – Clarinet and Saxophone or Bass saxophone, Caesar Petrillo – Trombone, Joe or Walter Rudolph -Piano, Louis Black – Banjo, Doc Slater – Tuba, Bill Marcipan – Drums, Turk Savage – vocals. Listed below is Brian Rust’s version of who played on the record.

Husk O'Hare and His Footwarmers

Title Recording Date Recording Location Company
Milenburg Joys
(Jelly Roll Morton)
1-10-1928 Chicago, Illinois Vocalion
A 15646
My Daddy Rocks Me
(J.Berni Barbour)
1-10-1928 Chicago, Illinois Vocalion
B 15646

Husk O'Hare and His Footwarmers

Artist Instrument
Jim Awad Cornet
Art Cox Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone
Tom Giblin Piano
Pete Havlicheck Trombone
Dick Kettering Banjo
Gus Lingo Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone
Turk Savage Cornet
Harold Senn Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone
Al Silverman Drums
Mal Woolin Cornet


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