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The Kings of Jazz that recorded four titles on the rare Autograph label in Chicago in 1924 are hardly worth their title, let it be admitted. Lee Collins and Roy Palmer are good enough, but neither of the reedmen are adequate; particularly does this apply to Alex Poole.

Jelly Roll Morton is the only rhythm man, but even he is almost powerless to move the band along – it is hopelessly overbalanced with four front-line men to one pianist. Fish Tail Blues is the same melody as Sidewalk Blues but it’s performance is not comparable to the superb Victor recording of the later title, albeit infested with extranea such as klaxon horns, police whistles and shouts of abuse!

Taken from the book Recorded Jazz: A Critical Guide by Rex Harris and Brian Rust.<


TitleRecording DateRecording LocationCompany
Fish Tail Blues
(Jelly Roll Morton / Lee Collins)
9-1924Chicago, IllinoisAutograph
High Society
9-1924Chicago, IllinoisAutograph
Tiger Rag
(Nick LaRocca)
9-1924Chicago, IllinoisAutograph
Weary Blues
(Artie Matthews)
9-1924Chicago, IllinoisAutograph

Balls BallClarinet
Lee CollinsCornet
Jelly Roll MortonPiano
Roy PalmerTrombone
Alex PooleAlto Saxophone


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