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Jesse Stone and his Blue Serenaders were active from about 1920 to 1928 in Kansas City and the Southwest. Coleman Hawkins got his professional start with Stone’s Blues Serenaders as a saxophonist when he was a teenager.


Title Recording Date Recording Location Company
Boot To Boot
(Jesse Stone)
4-27-1927 St. Louis, Missouri Okeh 8471
Starvation Blues
(Jesse Stone)
4-27-1927 St. Louis, Missouri Okeh 8471

Artist Instrument
Druie Bess Trombone
Elmer Burch Tenor Saxophone
Silas Cluke Banjo
Pete Hassel Tuba
Albert Hinton Trumpet
Glenn Hughes Alto Saxophone
Slick Jackson Trumpet
Jesse Stone Piano, Leader, Arranger
Jack Washington Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone
Max Wilkinson Drums


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