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Natty Dominique (1896-1982)
Natty Dominique

Natty Dominique (August 2, 1896 – August 30, 1982) played trumpet with many of the Hot Jazz groups from New Orleans in the 1920’s. As a teenager in New Orleans he played in the brass bands until he left town in 1913. He went North and played in various bands in Detroit and Chicago.

Dominique recorded with Jelly Roll Morton in 1923 and played with Carroll Dickerson and Jimmie Noone but he is best remembered for his association with Johnny Dodds; they recorded together frequently. In 1940, Dominique’s heart condition forced him to retire and he worked as an airport porter. In the early 1950s he started playing again on a part-time basis and released a couple of records on Bill Russell’s American Music label.

band or session leader - Natty Dominique (1896-1982)
Natty Dominique’s Creole Dance Band


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