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New Orleans Owls
The New Orleans Owls descended from The Invincibles String Band which had been playing around New Orleans since 1912. The band played regularly at the Hotel Roosevelt and other hotels in New Orleans between the years of 1922 and 1929. In the late twenties they replaced Abbie Brunies band at The Halfway House.

They were one of only a handful of bands that were recorded in the city of New Orleans in the 1920s.  They recorded 23 sides for Columbia between 1925 and 1927. 

New Orleans Owls
New Orleans Owls (jazz band) at Chess, Checkers and Whist Club, formerly Cosmopolitan Hotel. Musicians left to right: Mackie, R.; Rau, E.; Mackie, D.; Smith, M.; White, B.; Golpi, R.; Crumb, E. The band and spectators at right are costumed; possibly for costume party or Carnival. The description places this on the river side of the 100 block of Bourbon Street, an annex to the Cosmopolitan Hotel that was sold to the Chess Checkers & Whist Club in 1919 (not the more famous Chess Checkers and Whist Club Building on Canal Street at the corner of Baronne).


TitleRecording DateRecording LocationCompany
Blowing Off Steam
(Davis / Johnson)
11-8-1926Atlanta, GeorgiaColumbia 823-D
Boneyard Shuffle
(Hoagy Carmichael)
11-8-1926Atlanta, GeorgiaColumbia
Brotherly Love
(Billy Meyers / Elmer Schoebel)
11-8-1926Atlanta, GeorgiaColumbia 823-D
(Jack Palmer / Fletcher Henderson)
4-14-1926New Orleans, LouisianaColumbia 1045-D
(J. Russel Robinson)
11-8-1926Atlanta, GeorgiaColumbia 943-D
Goose Pimples
(Jo Trent / Fletcher Henderson)
10-26-1927New Orleans, LouisianaColumbia 1261-D
Meat On The Table
(Christansen / Vidacovich)
4-15-1926New Orleans, LouisianaColumbia 1158-D
Oh Me! Oh My
9-24-1925New Orleans, LouisianaColumbia 489-D
(Elmer Schoebel)
4-14-1926New Orleans, LouisianaColumbia 1158-D
Pretty Baby
(Tony Williams)
4-14-1926New Orleans, LouisianaColumbia 1045-D
Stomp Off – Let’s Go
(Elmer Schoebel)
9-24-1925New Orleans, LouisianaColumbia 489-D
(Louis Panico / Elmer Schoebel)
4-14-1926New Orleans, LouisianaColumbia 688-D
That’s A Plenty
(Lew Pollack / Ray Gilbert)
4-15-1926New Orleans, LouisianaColumbia 1547-D
The New Twister
(Lillard / Krise)
10-26-1927New Orleans, LouisianaColumbia 1547-D
The Nightmare
(Meyers / Handler / Riley)
11-8-1926Atlanta, GeorgiaColumbia 943-D
The Owls’ Hoot
(Benjamin White)
9-24-1925New Orleans, LouisianaColumbia 605-D
Throwin’ The Horns
(La Maire / Bolman)
10-26-1927New Orleans, LouisianaColumbia 1261-D
West End Romp
(Bill Padron / Mose Farrar)
4-14-1926New Orleans, LouisianaColumbia 688-D
White Ghost Shivers
(Swan / Tarto)
11-8-1926Atlanta, GeorgiaColumbia 862-D

Red BowmenCornet, Vocals
Sigfre ChristensenPiano
Earl CrumbDrums
Moses FarrarPiano
Rene GelpiBanjo, Guitar
Nappy LamareBanjo, Vocals
Dan LeBlancTuba
Frank NettoTrombone
Bill PardonCornet
Lester SmithTenor Saxophone
Pinky VidacovichClarinet, Alto Saxophone
Benjie WhiteClarinet, Alto Saxophone, Leader


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