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Tim BrymnTim Brymn and his Black Devil Orchestra were an all African-American 70 piece musical unit that represented the 350th Field Artillery Regiment during World War I. Tim Brymn’s band was described at the time as “a military symphony engaged in a battle of jazz.”

Tim BrymnWillie “The Lion” Smith also served in the 350th Field Artillery Regiment and claimed to have received the nickname of “The Lion” for his bravery while in this unit. Okeh 8054 was released under the name of Tim Brymn’s Black Devil Four and features an unknown male vocal harmony group.


TitleRecording DateRecording LocationCompany
Arkansas Blues
(Spencer Williams)
5-1921New York, New YorkOkeh
Aunt Hagar’s Children Blues
(W.C. Handy / Tim Brymn)
2-1923New York, New YorkOkeh
Camp Meeting Blues
(W.T. Carroll)
4-1921New York, New YorkOkeh
Daddy Won’t You Please Come Home
Vocal by Gertrude Saunders
4-1921New York, New YorkOkeh
Don’t Tell Your Monkey Man
(L. Johnson / Ted Koehler)
5-1921New York, New YorkOkeh
He’s My Man
(You Better Leave Him Alone)

(Anton Lada)
4-1921New York, New YorkOkeh
I’m Craving For That Kind Of Love
Vocal by Gertrude Saunders

(Noble Sissle / Eubie Blake)
4-1921New York, New YorkOkeh
It’s Right Here For You
(Introducing “Crazy Blues”)

(Marion Dickerson / Alex. Belledna / Perry Bradford)
5-1921New York, New YorkOkeh
Siren Of The Southern Sea
(Harold Weeks)
3-1921New York, New YorkOkeh
The Boll Wevil Blues
(Cliff Hess)
5-1921New York, New YorkOkeh
The Jazz Me Blues
(Tom Delaney)
5-1921New York, New YorkOkeh
The Memphis Blues
(W.C. Handy)
5-1921New York, New YorkOkeh
Wang Wang Blues
(Gus Mueller / Bert Johnson / Henry Busse)
3-1921New York, New YorkOkeh

Tim BrymnPiano, Leader
Gertrude SaundersVocals
unknownCello, Cornet, Trombone, Clarinets, Violin, Tuba, Drums


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