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Art Hickman's New York London Five
San Francisco bandleader Art Hickman was enjoying considerable success in New York with his Art Hickman Orchestra in 1921 when he was offered an engagement in London, England by band booker Harry Yerkes.

Art Hickman's New York London Five
Art Hickman’s New York London Five (Image from ©Mark Berresford)

Hickman’s Orchestra couldn’t make the trip because they were providing the music for Ziegfeld’s Follies, but Hickman allowed Yerkes to use his name and Yerkes assembled a group of musicians to perform under the name of Art Hickman’s New York London Five. This band played at the Criterion Roof Garden in London from 1920 and 1921 according to Mark Berresford.


TitleRecording DateRecording LocationCompany
All By Myself9-21-1921Hayes, Middlesex, EnglandHMV
Down The Nile3-15-1921Hayes, Middlesex, EnglandHMV
Gyptia1-25-1921Hayes, Middlesex, EnglandHMV
I Wonder Where My Sweet Daddy’s Gone?
(T.A. Hammed / R.H. Stark)
9-21-1921Hayes, Middlesex, EnglandHMV
Jicky1-25-1921Hayes, Middlesex, EnglandHMV
My Sahara Rose1-25-1921Hayes, Middlesex, EnglandHMV
Nesting Time9-21-1921Hayes, Middlesex, EnglandHMV
Now And Then3-15-1921Hayes, Middlesex, EnglandHMV
Once In A Blue Moon9-21-1921Hayes, Middlesex, EnglandHMV
On The Streets Of Cairo3-15-1921Hayes, Middlesex, EnglandHMV
12-14-1920Hayes, Middlesex, EnglandHMV
Suva1-25-1921Hayes, Middlesex, EnglandHMV
Tea Leaves9-21-1921Hayes, Middlesex, EnglandHMV
The Yodel Dodle Doh!3-15-1921Hayes, Middlesex, EnglandHMV
Thoughts1-25-1921Hayes, Middlesex, EnglandHMV
When My Baby Smiles At Me
(Monro / Ted Lewis)
1-25-1921Hayes, Middlesex, EnglandHMV

George FishbergTrumpet
Harry GrancyTrumpet
Jack HowardAlto Saxophone
George KleinPiano
Arthur PittmanTrombone


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