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Deppe's Seranaders
The October 3rd session was released under the name of Deppe’s Serenaders. The November 6th session was released just under Lois Deppe’s name. Both sessions featured Earl Hines on piano and they are Hines’ first records. The band was from Pittsburg and they played in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and in Chicago. Deppe was was a vocalist and saxophonist. He went on to sing with McKinney’s Cotton Pickers.

Deppe's Seranaders
Deppe’s Seranaders left to right: Frank Brassfield, Emmett Jordan, Thorton Brown, Harold Birchett, Earl Hines, Lois Deppe, Vance Dixon, Silas Brown, Harry Williams.


Title Recording Date Recording Location Company
Congaine 10-3-1923 Richmond, Indiana Gennett
Dear Old Southland
(Henry Creamer / J. Turner Layton)
11-6-1923 Richmond, Indiana Gennett
Falling 10-3-1923 Richmond, Indiana Gennett
For The Last Time Call Me Sweetheart 11-6-1923 Richmond, Indiana Gennett
Isabel 11-6-1923 Richmond, Indiana Gennett
Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
11-6-1923 Richmond, Indiana Gennett
Southland 11-6-1923 Richmond, Indiana Gennett

Deppe's Serenaders

Artist Instrument
Frank Brassfield Trombone
Lois Deppe Vocals, Saxophone
? Dison Banjo
Vance Dixon Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Earl Hines Piano
Harry Jackson Alto Saxophone
Emmett Jordan Violin
Leon Smothers Trumpet
Charles Stoner Tenor Saxophone
Joe Watts Tuba
Harry Williams Drums


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