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Edmonia Henderson
Edmonia Henderson (c. 1898 or 1900 – February 17, 1947) was an American classic female blues singer. She was active as a recording artist in the mid-1920s, recording at least 14 songs between 1924 and 1926. She later became an evangelist.

At various times, Henderson sang accompanied by Jelly Roll MortonTommy LadnierLovie Austin, Eddie Heywood, and Johnny Dodds.

Henderson appeared in vaudeville, both as a solo artist and as part of Joe Clark’s Revue, performing on the TOBA circuit. In 1925, she performed in Radio Girls, another vaudeville revue, which included Bessie Williams, Mamie Jefferson, and Baby Badge.

Henderson’s first recording was made in 1924. She recorded “Dead Man Blues” in 1926, with accompaniment by the writer of the song, Jelly Roll Morton, on piano. In 1927, a record of hers was released in the United Kingdom by the British record label Oriole, as part of its Race Series, under licence from Vocalion. The series also included recordings by Rosa Henderson and Viola McCoy.

By 1928, she was teaching and giving gospel concerts at the Griffith Conservatory of Music in Louisville. In 1932, she married and became the Reverend Edmonia Buckner. – From Wikipedia

band or session leader

Edmonia Henderson accompanied by Lovie Austin and her Blues Serenaders
Edmonia Henderson accompanied by Tommy Ladnier and his Orchestra

Edmonia Henderson

Title Recording Date Recording Location Company
Dead Man Blues
(Jelly Roll Morton / Anita Gonzales)
7-21-1926 Chicago, Illinois Vocalion
B 1043
Four-Thirty Blues
(issued as by Catherine Henderson)
7-1925 Atlanta, Georgia Okeh
Georgia Grind
(Spencer Williams)
7-21-1926 Chicago, Illinois Vocalion
A 1043
Nobody Else Will Do
(Lovie Austin)
4-20-1926 Chicago, Illinois Vocalion
A 1015
Sweet De Papa Blues
(issued as by Catherine Henderson)
7-1925 Atlanta, Georgia Okeh
Who’s Gonna Do Your Lovin’
(When You’re Good Man’s Gone Away)

(Lovie Austin)
4-20-1926 Chicago, Illinois Vocalion
B 1015

accompanied by

Artist Instrument
Lovie Austin Piano
Walter Barnes ? Alto Saxophone, Clarinet
Eddie Heywood Piano
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