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Richard M. Jones (1889-1945)
Richard M. Jones’ Three Jazz Wizards: Richard M. Jones, Johnny St. Cyr & Albert Nicholas.

This Richard M. Jones group also recorded under the name of Chicago Hottentots. After 1925 the recordings were released under the name of Richard M. Jones’ Jazz Wizards with an ever changing group of musicians.

ddd discography

TitleRecording DateRecording LocationCompany
29th And Dearborn
(Richard M. Jones)
11-6-1925Chicago, IllinoisOkeh
New Orleans Shag
(Richard M. Jones)
11-6-1925Chicago, IllinoisOkeh
Spanish Shawl
Clarinet Solo by Albert Nicholas

(Elmer Schoebel)
11-6-1925Chicago, IllinoisOkeh
Wonderful Dream
Vocal Chorus by Richard M. Jones

(Richard M. Jones)
11-6-1925Chicago, IllinoisOkeh

Richard M. JonesPiano, Vocals
Johnny St. CyrBanjo
Albert NicholasClarinet


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