The Festival Roundup November 2023

34th annual ARIZONA CLASSIC JAZZ FESTIVAL (Chandler, AZ) – Nov. 2-5

Scheduled Guests: Howard Alden, guitar, Banjo Pieter Meijers, reeds, Brass Nickels Jazz Band, Cheryl’s Vintage Jazz with special guests, Dan Levinson, Katie Cavera, Queen City Jazz Band, Tom Rigney & Flambeau, Holland-Coots Jazz Quintet, St. Louis Stompers Classic Jazz Band, Sentimental Breeze, Something Doin’, Stephanie Trick & Paolo Alderighi, Sun City Stomperz, WE 3 + 1 (Patrick, Lansford, Pesce, Early), Wildcat Jazz Band, Wolverine Jazz B, and the ACJS JAMMERS. ​AFTERGLOW in San Tan Ballroom 6 – 8 pm. MUST MAKE RESERVATIONS With ACJF​​

For details, including hotel blocks, go to or call 480-620-3941. Send checks or credit card orders to ACJF, 10918 E. Michigan Ave., Sun Lakes, AZ 85248.

Hot Jazz Jubile


The globe’s foremost gathering of specialist Classic Jazz musicians and fans; a three-day concert series featuring live music of a rarely heard quality and authenticity, performed by a truly international roster of world-class performers.

Trumpet: Enrico Tomasso (UK), Andy Schumm (USA), Mike Davis (USA), Torstein Kubban (Norway), Malo Mazurie (France), Jan Kaiser (Germany – new for 2023!). Reeds: Claus Jacobi (Germany), Michael McQuaid (Australia), David Horniblow (UK), Richard Exall (UK), Lorenzo Baldasso (Italy – new for 2023!), Matthias Seuffert (Germany), Mauro Porro (Italy). Trombone: Graham Hughes (UK), Alistair Allan (UK), Dan Barrett (USA – new for 2023!). Piano: Andrew Oliver (USA), David Boeddinghaus (USA), Martin Litton (UK), Morten Gunnar Larsen (Norway). Guitar & Banjo: Thomas “Spats” Langham (UK), Martin Wheatley (UK), Felix Hunot (France), Jacob Ullberger (Sweden). Brass bass & String bass: Malcolm Sked (UK), Phil Rutherford (UK), Richard Pite (UK), Henry LeMaire (France). Drums & Percussion: Nicholas D. Ball (UK), Richard Pite (UK), Nick Ward (UK), Josh Duffee (USA). Violin: Emma Fisk (UK). Vocals: Thomas “Spats” Langham (UK), Nicolle Rochelle (France)

Emma Fisk Whitley Bay 2022 (Photo: Malcolm Sinclair)

Johnny Dodds on Chicago’s South Side; The New Orleans Rhythm Kings and their Circle; That’s Like It Ought To Be – Jelly Roll Morton Trios; Shout, Sister! Eva Taylor and Clarence Williams; The Saxophone of Loren McMurray; Stardust and Beyond – the Music of Hoagy Carmichael; A Selection of Rare Jazz Films; Listen to the Doc! Doc Cook’s Dreamland Orchestra; Runnin’ Wild – the Benny Goodman Trio; Glenn Miller’s Small Band – the Uptown Hall Gang; Jack Hylton – The Early Years; Caribbean Clarinets; Ring Dem Bells – Duke Ellington from 1929 to 1931; Heckler’s Hop – Young Roy Eldridge; Souvenirs of A.B. – Arthur Briggs’ Savoy Syncops with Al Bowlly; I Hear Music – Billie in the late 1930s; A Centenary of King Oliver; Wail of the Five Birmingham Babies; Memories of Louis Armstrong in California; Young Woman’s Blues; Not The Charleston! – Songs Inspired by Dance Crazes; Stomp Off, Let’s Go – Bob Crosby’s Orchestra; The Charleston Chasers present New York Studio Gems; Nicolle Rochelle sings Maxine Sullivan; Schumm plays Fats; Echoes of Paradise – Charlie Johnson; Onyx Club Spree – the Music of Stuff Smith; Dickie Wells meets Django; Let’s Get Together – Jabbo Smith’s Rhythm Aces; Listen to the ‘Banned’ (Rated 18+!); Sensation Stomp – Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra

UpBeat Records

There is also a jam session every evening after the concert programme finishes. For tickets and other information, please visit; [email protected].

SUNCOAST JAZZ FESTIVAL (Clearwater Beach, FL) – Nov. 17-19

Featured this year are Kermit Ruffins & the Barbecue Swingers, Ranky Tanky x2 Grammy Winner, Professor Cunningham and His Old School, Jason Marsalis, Dave Bennett Quartet, Tom Hook and the Hounds, Tom Rigney and Flambeau, Galvanized Jazz Band with Janie Campedelli, Cynthia Sayer and Her Joyride Band, Rossano Sportiello, Grammy nominated Diego Figueiredo, and many many more – over 80 musicians! All info is on the website.
For tickets and information, visit us online at; or write: PO Box 395, Largo, FL 33779; (727) 248-9441.

37th Annual WEST COAST RAGTIME FESTIVAL (Rancho Cordova, CA) – Nov. 17-19

We are busy putting together another stellar performer lineup, special shows, seminars, and dancing. Scheduled artists include: Eliot Adams, Heidi Evelyn Arnott, Brandon & Justin Au, Clint Baker, Ramona Baker, Chris & Jack Bradshaw, Isaiah Burton, Michael Chisholm, Crown Syncopators, Jared DiBartolomeo, Neville Dickie, Richard Dowling, Steve & Robin Drivon, Marty Eggers, Greg Sabin & Patrick Skiffington, Kevin Gunia, Frederick Hodges, Stan Isaacs, Vincent Johnson, Charlie Judkins & Miss Maybell, Carl Sonny Leyland, Max Libertor, TJ Müller, Don Neely & Carla Normand, Pacific Coast Ragtime Orchestra, Will Perkins, John Reed-Torres, Martin Spitznagel, Bub & Petra Sullivan, Adam Swanson, Virginia Tichenor, Matt Tolentino, Bruce Vermazen, and Galen Wilkes.

We are delighted to again be hosting the festival at the Marriott Rancho Cordova, with all venues on the ground floor. You may make early reservations at the Marriott now. Location: Sacramento Marriott Rancho Cordova 12211 Point East Drive, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742._For more information, please visit:

TUCSON JAZZ FESTIVAL (Tucson, AZ) – Jan. 12-20

A week-long, city-wide event with individually ticketed concerts at the historic Fox and Rialto theaters, as well as TCC Music Hall and Club Congress, with some free outdoor events around town. Acts of interest to TST readers include: Emmet Cohen Trio, Cécile McLorin Salvant, Trombone Shorty, Diego Figueiredo with Ken Peplowski, The Black Market Trust, Howard Alden, and several others scheduled for a Jazz Jam set.

Ticket pricing, festival schedule, and lodging information may be found at the festival website:; (520) 989-0720.


30th Annual EAGLES AND IVORIES MUSIC FEST (Muscatine, IA) – Jan. 18-21

The 30th Annual Eagles & Ivories Music Fest is staged in Muscatine, Iowa, at four different locations. A free eagle watch takes place Saturday morning at Pearl City Station in Riverfront Park. The music will be performed by Ivory &Gold® featuring Jeff and Anne Barnhart, Adam Swanson, Martin Spitznagel, David Bennett, Josh Duffee, Jim Radloff, the Mad Creek Mudcats, and the Locust Street Boys.
An entire four-day concert package costs $70; individual event admissions range from $5 to $20; children ages 16 and younger are admitted free to all events; for more information and tickets:; (563) 263-9978; [email protected].


Wilmington gives a warm welcome to all of the jazz lovers attending our 43rd North Carolina Jazz Festival. NCJF will fill your evenings with exciting performances by some of the greatest traditional jazz musicians from around the globe. All evening concerts begin at 7:30 pm and held at the Hotel Ballast ballroom.

Thursday night, our Special Event night, is when we feature different styles of jazz. This year we will open with The Port City Trio, a Wilmington based group that is well known in the area for the Jewell Family’s tradition of playing jazz, blues and pop styles of music. Our main event for the evening will be The Emmet Cohen Trio. The evening’s music will come to a close with some of our weekend All-Stars in a Traditional Jazz Jam.


Friday and Saturday Nights we will continue our celebration with 15 All-Star musicians playing in the traditional seven sets of six or seven players, each set with a different leader. You will see/hear many of our favorite NCJF musicians plus new additions to our lineup. Invited musicians include: Adrian Cunningham, Alvin Atkinson, Bruce Harris, Chuck Redd, Dion Tucker, Herman Burney, Jonathan Russell, Ken Peplowski, Lucy Yeghiazaryan, Nate Najar, and Rossano Sportiello.

Patron Brunch: On Saturday from 10:30 until 2 pm we treat our patrons to a musical brunch, when all of our All-star musicians play for their pleasure while everyone enjoys a delicious brunch. During the last hour we have a “jam” when the patrons who are musicians have the opportunity to play with the All-stars. Fun for all!

For more information visit, call 910-399-6536 or email [email protected].


SOUNDS OF MARDI GRAS (Fresno, CA) – Feb. 8-11

The 40th edition of the Sounds of Mardi Gras in Fresno kicks off at the Doubletree by Hilton with a Thursday evening pre-party. The schedule picks up Friday with a themed parade, followed by the annual coronation of the Festival King and Queen, a Friday night swing dance, and a Saturday Night Mardi Gras Dance Party. Festivities include a Parasol Parade and Masquerade and Costume Parade in the grand tradition of Mardi Gras. This year one parade has an “Cruising to Carnaval Ports” theme.

Invited bands for 2024 include: Alpha Rhythm Kings, Groovus, Black Market Trust, Gino and the Lone Gunmen, Dave Stuckey and the Hot House Gang, Tom Rigney and Flambeau, Gator Nation Collaboration, We 3 + 1, Bob Schulz Frisco Jazz Band, Yosemite Jazz Band, CJ’s Open jams, Reedley River Rats, and Jan Sutherland.


Special festival room rates at the Fresno Double Tree by Hilton are available. For more information you can call Linda (209) 534-1924 or visit


The 18th Annual Charles H. Templeton Ragtime and Jazz Festival & the Gatsby Gala will be held at the Mississippi State University campus at Starkville from Thursday, February 22nd through Saturday, February 24th. The Templeton Festival is the only one of its kind in the southeast that brings world-renowned artists and entertainers to campus to perform throughout the weekend, sharing their insights and love of ragtime, jazz, and blues music. Scheduled musicians include Louis Ford, Neville Dickie, and The Sweet & Hot Quartet (Jeff Barnhart, Anne Barnhart, T.J. Müller and Josh Duffee). The business of music in the ragtime era will be the focus of multi-media lectures. For more information visit

SAN DIEGO JAZZ PARTY (Del Mar, CA) Feb. 23-25, 2024

The 32nd annual San Diego Jazz Party is set to take place in Del Mar, Calif., 20 miles north of San Diego.

Performers at the 2024 Jazz Party will be Dan BarrettDanny Coots, Duke  Heitger, Evan ArntzenKen PeplowskiJohn AllredJon-Erik Kellso, Houston Person, Lisa Booth, Vinny Raniolo, Harry AllenChuck ReddRichard Simon, Peter Washington, Rossano Sportiello, Jason Wanner, Josh Collazo, Lizzy (of the Triggermen), Sam Rocha, and Yve Evans.

Purchase passes on or order by telephone (619) 787-8792; or write San Diego Jazz Party, 1632 Hillstone Avenue, Escondido, CA 92029-4332.

42nd annual JAZZ BASH BY THE BAY (Monterey, CA) March 1-3, 2024

The 42nd annual Jazz Bash By the Bay Monterey takes place March 3-5, 2023, in the beautiful Conference Center and Portola Hotel & Spa with eight venues.

Invited bands for 2024 include: Blue Stree, Brass Nickels, Bye Bye Blues Boys Band, Carl Sonny Leyland Trio, Chris Bradley and Friends, Crescent Katz, Dawn Lambeth Sextet, Ivory and Gold, Pacific Brass, Royal Society Jazz Orchestra, San Lyon, Seattle Trad, Tom Hook and the Terrier Bros., Tom Rigney and Flambeau, Warehouse Reunion, Holland Coots Jazz Quintet, Groovus, Sweet and Hot Quartet, El Dorado Jazz Band, and the Yve Evans Trio.

Artists include: Paolo Alderighi, Clint Baker, Riley Baker, Jeff Barnhart, Dan Barrett, Dave Bennett, Marc Caporone, Katie Cavera, Danny Coots, Ryan Daniele, Bob Draga, Josh Duffee, Eddie Erickson, Brian Holland, TJ Muller, John Otto, Steve Pikal, Andy Schum, Hal Smith, Dave Stuckey, and Stephanie Trick.

Badges can be ordered by phone at 831-754-8786 or 888-349-6879. More information online at; Jazz Bash by the Bay, 177 Webster St., #206, Monterey, CA 93940.

JAZZAFFAIR (Three Rivers, CA) April 12-14, 2024

The 49th annual Jazzaffair, hosted by the Sierra Traditional Jazz Club, takes place at three venues in Three Rivers: the Lions Club Arena, the Memorial Building, and St. Anthony’s Retreat.

Bands will include the Sierra Stompers, the Blue Street Jazz Band, Gino and the Lone Gunmen, Dave Bennett Quartet, Carl Sonny Leyland’s Boogie Woogie Boys, Tom Rigney and Flambeau, St. John’s Riverboat Jazz Band, Katie Cavera and the Lost Boys, Holland & Coots Quintet, and introducing Nathan Tokunaga Fearless Five.

Visit the Sierra Traditional Jazz Club online and download the order form: S.T.J.C., PO Box 712, Three Rivers, CA 93271. Call or text Jazzaffair Director: Linda McKee Amaral at (559) 303-5193

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