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Wilbur Sweatman and his Acme Syncopators
There is speculation that this was Duke Ellington’s debut recording with some assortment of the following suggested musicians: Eugene “Bud” Aiken (cnt), Leslie (Leonard ?) Davis (cnt), Calvin Jones (tb), Wilbur Sweatman (cl,b-cl,ldr), Percy Green (as) Raymond Hernandez (ts), Walter Hall (p), or Duke Ellington (p), Clyde Johnson (bj) or Mike Danzi (bj), Romy Jones (tu).

Wilbur Sweatman Acme Syncopators1923
Wilbur Sweatman and his Acme Syncopators – 1923 – Left to Right: Maceo Jefferson, Ralph Esudero, Duke Ellington, Wilbur Sweatman, Flo Dade, Sonny Greer, Ian Anderson, Otto Hardwick.


TitleRecording DateRecording LocationCompany
Battleship Kate
(Ada Rives / Wilbur Sweatman)
9-20-1924New York, New YorkGennett

Clyde JohnsonBanjo
John ReevesTrombone
George RicksonPiano
Wilbur SweatmanClarinet, Leader
Maceo WhiteDrums


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