R.S. Baker

R. S. Baker has appeared at several Ragtime festivals as a pianist and lecturer. Her particular interest lies in the brown wax cylinder era of the recording industry, and in the study of the earliest studio pianists, such as Fred Hylands, Frank P. Banta, and Frederick W. Hager.

Justin Ring 1903

Justin Ring’s Fifty Years on Record

Some folks are content to run things from behind the scenes, Justin Ring was one of these. Just as with Eddie King, Ring’s name appears

The Mysterious Mr. King

The Mysterious Mr. King

If you ever find yourself thumbing through discographies of Victor records from the 1920s, one name shows up more than most. You’ll see him listed

Issler portrait

Edward Issler: The First Studio Musician

We all know about studio musicians, the unsung, mostly forgotten heroes of the recordings we love. But what about the first studio musician? Going all

Who Was Fred Hylands?

Who Was Fred Hylands?

This is a face that few will recognize. Even over a century ago his face was not well known. Despite this, most people who own