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Charles Doc Cooke (1891-1958)Unlike most early Jazz musicians who called themselves Doc or Professor, Charles L. Cooke (September 3, 1891 – December 25, 1958), really had a doctorate degree in music from the Chicago College of Music. Cooke is remembered today for his stint as a conductor and musical director of the Orchestra at Paddy Harmon’s Dreamland Ballroom from 1922 to 1927 in Chicago.

His Dreamland Orchestra employed many of Chicago’s top musicians, including Freddie KeppardJimmie NooneJohnny St. Cyr and Luis Russell. In 1927 his engagement at the Dreamland ended and he took his orchestra to Chicago’s Municipal Pier and then to the White City Ballroom. In 1930 he moved to New York and was staff arranger at R.K.O. and Radio City Music Hall. He remained there until the early 1940s and then retired. Charles Cooke was usually billed under the name of Doc Cook.

Cookie’s GingersnapsCook and his Dreamland Orchestra
Doc Cook and his 14 Doctors of Syncopation


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