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Cookie's Gingersnaps Cookie’s Gingersnaps is a small group taken from Doc Cook and his Dreamland Orchestra

Title Recording Date Recording Location Company
Here Comes The Hot Tamale Man
(Rose / Harrison)
7-22-1926 Chicago, Illinois Okeh
High Fever
(Joe Sanders)
7-22-1926 Chicago, Illinois Okeh
Love Found You For Me
Vocal Chorus by Jimmie Noone

(Cook / Williams)
7-22-1926 Chicago, Illinois Okeh
Messin’ Around
(Doc Cooke / Johnny St. Cyr)
7-22-1926 Chicago, Illinois Okeh

Cookie's Gingersnaps

Artist Instrument
Kenneth Anderson Piano
William Dawson Trombone
Freddie Keppard Cornet
Jimmie Noone Clarinet, Vocals
Joe Poston Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Vocals
Johnny St. Cyr Banjo


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