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Jack Hylton's Kit-Cat Band

Hylton c. mid-to-late 1920s
Hylton c. mid-to-late 1920s

The Kit-Cat was a nightclub in the Haymarket, in London’s West End. The band was sponsored by Jack Hylton and led by Al Starita, who was an American. Recordings issued on HMV from June 8, 1925 to December 1, 1926 were issued as Jack Hylton’s Kit-Cat Band. Recordings issued on HMV from December 29, 1926 to May 19, 1927 were issued as Jack Hylton’s Hyltonians. Unless noted, all Columbias were issued as the Kit-Cat Band.—by Dennis Pereyra


TitleRecording DateRecording LocationCompany
A Kiss Is A Bliss, My Darling1-13-1928LondonColumbia
A Room With A View (Piccadilly Dance Band)3-9-1928LondonColumbia
(Tom Ford / Ray Wynburn)
7-9-1926Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
Ain’t She Sweet ?
(Jck Yellen / Milton Ager)
2-9-1927Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
Ali Baba1-13-1928LondonColumbia
Alone at Last8-10-1925Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
Are You Happy ?10-13-1927LondonColumbia
Ask Her1-1-1926Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
Blye Train Song3-22-1927Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
Breezing Along With The Breeze
(Gillespie / Simons / Whiting)
8-26-1926Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
Broken Hearted9-7-1927LondonColumbia
Brown Eyes In Your Dreams10-11-1926Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
Brown Sugar
(Harry Barris)
1-19-1927Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
By The Waterfall (waltz)1-5-1928LondonColumbia
Can’t Your Friend Find A Friend For Me?
(Lou Handman)
8-10-1925Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
Castillian Nights4-7-1927Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
C’est Vous (It’s You) (waltz)10-17-1927LondonColumbia
Cheer Up, Keep Smiling5-10-1927Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
Close Your Eyes (waltz)11-20-1925Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
Cock-a-Doodle, I’m Off My Noodle
(Charles Tobias)
3-25-1927Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
Community Blues1-13-1928LondonColumbia
Cover Me Up With Sunshine3-30-1927Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
Crazy Quilt
(Andrew Sterling / Paul Van Loan)
11-11-1926Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
Cuckoo11-11-1926Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
Cuddle Up5-31-1927LondonColumbia
Dance, Little Lady (Piccadilly Dance Band)3-9-1928LondonColumbia
Dear Child (waltz)3-30-1927Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
(Arthur Schutt)
6-3-1927Wigmore Hall, LondonColumbia
Diane (waltz)12-1-1927Shepherd’s Bush Pavilion, LondonColumbia
Do You Believe In Dreams ?5-27-1926Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
Don’t Tell The World5-17-1927Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
Don’t Wake Me Up, Let Me Dream1-1-1926Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
Dream A Dream9-21-1926Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
Dreaming The Waltz Away (waltz)8-31-1926Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
Dreamy Amazon2-9-1927Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
D’Ye Love Me ? (waltz)9-21-1926Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
Every Little Thing4-7-1927Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
(Jesse Greer)
12-1-1926Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
From Now On
(Davies / Greer)
6-8-1925Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
Georgia Land12-1-1927Shepherd’s Bush Pavilion, LondonColumbia
Hawaiian Love Bird2-3-1926Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
Headin’ For Harlem2-16-1928LondonColumbia
Headin’ For Home
11-4-1925Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
Hello, Cutie5-10-1927Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
Hugs And Kisses9-10-1926Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
I Need Some Cooling Off5-31-1927LondonColumbia
I Never Cried Before I Met You12-29-1926Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
I Wonder What’s Become Of Joe ?
(Maceo Pinkard / Roy Turk)
10-1-1926Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
I Wouldn’t Fool A Little Girl Like You3-31-1927Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
If (waltz)3-15-1927Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
If I Could Look In Your Eyes9-29-1927Piccadilly Hotel Ballroom, LondonColumbia
If I Were You3-22-1927Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
If You Can’t Hold The Man You Love
(Irving Kahal / Sammy Fain)
1-19-1927Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
If You Hadn’t Gone Away
11-4-1925Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
If You See Sally5-13-1927Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
I’m Going To Follow The Rainbow3-15-1927Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
I’m In Love With You (waltz)11-4-1926Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
I’m Jealous12-17-1927LondonColumbia
I’m Lonely Without You5-27-1926Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
I’m Mad About You (Piccadilly Dance Band)3-9-1928LondonColumbia
I’m Still In Love With You1-1-1926Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
In A Little Spanish Town
8-31-1926Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
In A Street Of Chinese Lanterns12-17-1927LondonColumbia
It’s One Of Those Things10-7-1925Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
I’ve Found A Bud Among The Roses12-21-1925Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
I’ve Got A Feeling For Somebody2-16-1928LondonColumbia
I’ve Got Some Lovin’ To Do
(Jaffe / Bonx)
8-26-1926Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
Join The Navy8-12-1927LondonColumbia
Julius3-25-1927Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
June Rose
10-1-1926Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
Just A Bird’s-Eye View Of My Old Kentucky Home12-1-1926Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
Kiss Me Again (waltz)3-25-1927Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
Lavender (waltz)9-7-1927LondonColumbia
(Warren / Broones / McDonald)
5-19-1927Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
Magnolia8-12-1927Wigmore Hall, LondonColumbia
Maybe You Will And Maybe You Won’t
(Rose / Dixon / Warren)
6-8-1925Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
Mighty Blue12-2-1925Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
Milenberg Joys
(Leon Rappolo / Paul Mares / Jelly Roll  Morton)
8-10-1925Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
Muddy Water
(Trent / Peter De Rose / Harry Richman)
5-17-1927Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
Music And Moonlight1-5-1928LondonColumbia
My Heart Stood Still6-3-1927LondonColumbia
My Regular Girl5-31-1927LondonColumbia
My Sugar
8-10-1925Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
My Sunday Girl4-5-1927Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
Nina1-7-1927Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
No Sir, That’s Not My Girl
(Melcliffe / King)
9-10-1926Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
Nothing Could Be Sweeter8-12-1927LondonColumbia
Number Ten
5-17-1927Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
Oh, Doris ! Where Do You Live ?10-13-1927LondonColumbia
Oh, Kay – Selection10-17-1927LondonColumbia
Only You And Lonely Me8-26-1926Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
Pas des Echarpes (Chaminade)12-21-1925Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
Piccadilly Strut
12-2-1925Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
Precious9-21-1926Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
Red Lips, Kiss My Blues Away6-3-1927LondonColumbia
Remember (waltz)12-1-1927Shepherd’s Bush Pavilion, LondonColumbia
Riverboat Shuffle
(Dick Voynow / Irving Mills / Hoagy Carmichael)
10-7-1925Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
Sad ‘N Blue5-13-1927Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
Sam, The Old Accordion Man
3-15-1927Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
Scatter Your Smiles11-11-1926Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
She Don’t Wanna1-5-1928LondonColumbia
She Said And I Said
1-19-1927Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
She’s Still My Baby
(Coslow / Little)
1-7-1927Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
Side By Side5-31-1927LondonColumbia
Silver Rose10-11-1926Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
Silver Song Bird3-31-1927Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
Someone Has Taken You Out Of My Dreams12-2-1925Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
Song Bird2-3-1926Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
South Wind5-19-1927Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
Step On The Blues8-12-1927LondonColumbia
Sunday12-1-1926Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
Sweet So-and-So2-16-1928LondonColumbia
Swinging Along
(Stamber / Hay)
11-4-1926Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
Take Your Finger Out Of Your Mouth8-12-1927LondonColumbia
Temperamental Baby3-30-1927Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
That Night In Araby
10-1-1926Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
That’s My Hap-Hap-Happiness8-12-1927LondonColumbia
That’s Why I Love You9-10-1926Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
The Calinda12-17-1927LondonColumbia
The Camel Walk
(Schaefer / Smith / Mack / Brymn)
11-20-1925Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
The Girl Friend – Selection9-29-1927Piccadilly Hotel Ballroom, LondonColumbia
The Girl Is You And The Boy Is Me9-7-1927LondonColumbia
The One I’m Looking For2-16-1928LondonColumbia
The Whispering Pines Of Nevada (waltz)8-12-1927LondonColumbia
There’s A Rickety, Rackety Shack1-5-1928LondonColumbia
There’s One Little Girl Who Loves Me12-1-1927Shepherd’s Bush Pavilion, LondonColumbia
Tinker, Tailor12-29-1926Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
Tonight I Wonder Where You Are (waltz)1-13-1928LondonColumbia
Try To Learn To Love (Piccadilly Dance Band)3-9-1928LondonColumbia
Tweet Tweet9-7-1927LondonColumbia
Two Lips On A Path Of Roses
(Holden / Spencer)
4-5-1927Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
Uncanny Banjo
(Len Fillis / Sid Bright)
5-13-1927Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
What Good Is “Good Morning” ?
7-9-1926Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
When Day Is Done8-12-1927LondonColumbia
When I Met Sally10-13-1927LondonColumbia
When I Waltz With You (waltz)12-21-1925Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
When You Love More Than One5-27-1926Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
When You Smile12-29-1926Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
While My Pretty One Sleeps7-9-1926Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
While The Years Go Drifting By8-31-1926Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
Who Do You Love ?3-25-1927Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
Who Loved You Best ?2-3-1926Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
Will You Be True ?3-31-1927Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
Wondering (waltz)11-4-1925Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
You Can’t Cry Over My Shoulder
(Heath / Mahoney)
4-5-1927Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV
You Got ‘Em11-20-1925Hayes, MiddlesexHMV
You Know I Love You5-10-1927Small Queen’s Hall, LondonHMV

Harry BerlyViola
Sid BrightPiano
D. CameronViolincello
J. ClarkPiano
Eddie CollisVocals
Alfred FieldBass Brass
Len FillisBanjo, Guitar
Ted HeathTrombone
Jim KelleherClarinet, Alto Saxophone
Edwin KnightTrumpet
Eric LittleDrums
Quentin MacleanWurlitzer Organ
Margaret McKeeWhistling
Ramon NewtonVocals
Jean PougnetViolin
Hugo RignoldViolin
Eric SidayViolin
George SmithClarinet, Tenor Saxophone
Tom SmithTrumpet
Al StaritaLeader, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Vocals


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