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This is likely a photo of the Midnight Serenaders that recorded for Paramount in 1928. If so they were led in the studio by Bill Haid on banjo, and joined by Frank Lhotak on trombone, both not pictured. Bill Haid was a member of the Coon Sanders Orchestra and recorded many sessions with his Cubs. Lhotak has a long career which included organizing The Original New Orleans Jazz Band. If this is indeed the Midnight Serenaders they were popular at dances around Utica NY from at least 1925 to 1929 based on newspaper advertisements.

Two records carrying the Midnight Serenaders name were released on Broadway, Puritan, and Paramount in 1927. They have vocals by Irving Kaufman under the pseudonym Fred Greene and are by the Fred Rich Orchestra and not this outfit. In addition, several other bandleader used the name on occasion including Sam Lanin, Harry Reser, Willie Creager, Adrian Schubert, and Lou Gold. discography

TitleRecording DateRecording LocationCompany
Tin Roof Blues
(New Orleans Rhythm Kings)
7-1928ChicagoParamount 20657/ Broadway
When Sweet Susie Goes Stepping By
(Kaufman / Kelly / Bibo)
7-1928ChicagoParamount 20657/ Broadway

Art CopeClarinet, Tenor Saxophone, Violin
Bill HaidBanjo, Guitar
Frank LhotakTrombone
Bill MachTrumpet
Tony MonicoDrums
Stanley NorrisAlto Saxophone
Eddie ObermillerClarinet
Andy PedullaTrumpet
Benny SansPiano
Harry TropperBass Brass


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