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Peck Kelly's Bad Boys

Peck KelleyPianist Peck Kelley led this influential territory band in Texas in the 1920s. Kelley’s style was said to be ahead of his time and more harmonically advanced than other bands of that era. Pee Wee Russell and Jack Teagarden played in the band as well as Leon Roppolo of the New Orleans Rhythm Kings. They never recorded.

Peck Kelley refused to leave Texas to play although he was offered jobs by Paul WhitemanRed Nichols. The Andrews Sisters’ big hit song “Beat Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar” is said to be about Kelley. Peck Kelley joined the Dick Shannon quartet with Glen Boyd on Bass Fiddle in 1957, from which the only studio recordings from this musician survive.

Peck Kelley's Bad Boys

Artist Instrument
Peck Kelley Piano
Joe Loyocano Bass
Leon Prima Trumpet
Pee Wee Russell Clarinet
Leon Roppolo Clarinet
Jack Teagarden trombone


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