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Sioux City Six
Sioux City SixRight after quitting the Wolverines to join Jean GoldketteBix and three other members of the Wolverines teamed up with Frankie Trumbauer and Miff Mole of the Jean Goldkette Orchestra to record this session.

This was the first of many sessions that Trumbauer and Beiderbecke would record together. The name Sioux City Six was a joke on Bix; he had intended the record be called the Davenport Six, after his hometown in Iowa, but as a practical joke Miff Mole told the recording engineer to call the band the Sioux City Six after Beiderbecke had left the studio. Sioux City is on the opposite side of Iowa.


Title Recording Date Recording Location Company
Flock O’ Blues
(Rube Bloom)
10-11-1924 New York, New York Gennett
I’m Glad
(Frankie Trumbauer)
10-11-1924 New York, New York Gennett

Sioux City Six

Artist Instrument
Bix Beiderbecke Cornet
Rube Bloom Piano
Vic Moore Drums
Min Leibrook Bass Brass
Miff Mole Trombone
Frankie Trumbauer C-Melody Saxophone


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