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Fate Marable's Society Syncopators
Fate Marable's Society SyncopatorsUnfortunately, this was the only record that Fate Marable made, and our only opportunity to hear what this important band really sounded like. Fate Marable conducted bands on the Strekfus river boat lines that featured many of the great Jazz musicians of the 1920s like Louis ArmstrongBaby and Johnny DoddsZutty SingletonKing OliverJohnny St. CyrTommy Ladnier and Pops Foster to name a few. This is the first record that Zutty Singleton ever appeared on.

Fate Marable's Orchestra Streckfus Steamer SS Capital
Fate Marable’s Orchestra aboard Streckfus Steamers’ steamboat the “”S.S. Capitol””, New Orleans, Louisiana: Louis Armstrong, cornet; Johnny St. Cyr, banjo; David Jones, sax; Norman Mason, sax; Norman Brashear, trombone; Baby Dodds, drums; Boyd Atkins, violin. Circa-1920. (Louisiana State Museum)

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Recording Date

Recording Location

Frankie And Johnny
(Sheilds / Leighton)
3-16-1924 New Orleans, Louisiana Okeh
(Roy Bargy)
3-16-1924 New Orleans, Louisiana Okeh

Fate Marable's Society Syncopators



Bert Bailey Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Sidney Desvignes Trumpet
Harvey Lankford Trombone
Henry Kimball Bass
Narvin Kimball Banjo, Guitar
Fate Marable Piano, Conductor
Zutty Singleton Drums
Walter Thompson Tenor and Baritone Saxophone
Amos White Trumpet

Fate Marable's Society Syncopators

Jazz On The River, by William Howland Kenney, University Of Chicago Press, 2005


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