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Mutt CareyTrumpeter Mutt Carey  (September 17, 1891 – September 3, 1948) got his start like so many others with the marching bands in New Orleans sometime around 1913. His brother Jack was the leader of the Crescent City Orchestra which he also played in. He played with Kid Ory in 1914 and toured on the T.O.B.A. vaudeville circuit in 1917. Carey returned to New Orleans in 1918, then departed for California the following year to work with Kid Ory. He plays trumpet on the Spike’s Seven Pods of Pepper Orchestra record which was the first Jazz record ever released by African-Americans from New Orleans.

He took over the band renaming it the Jeffersonians when Ory left for Chicago in 1925 and worked regularly for the Hollywood film studios. Carey rejoined Kid Ory’s Creole Orchestra in 1944, then left again in 1947 to form his own band which he called Mutt Carey and his New Yorkers which recorded in in November of 1947 and played some gigs until Carey’s death in September of 1948.

The JeffersoniansMutt Carey and his New Yorkers


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