The King Oliver Project

In October 2019 a group of top tier traditional jazz musicians decided to learn from King Oliver's iconic Creole jazz Band recordings by playing them as closely as possible to the original records as they could. They transcribed many titles note for note and rebuilt them with a focus on the counterpoint and ensemble work within the group. A window on early jazz. When they were satisfied they had captured the essence they set out to record them, but without the limitations of the acoustic era. For example, Nicholas D. Ball, who runs the website "Drums of the Twenties", uses a full period drum kit rather than the limited wood block set up Baby Dodds employed in the studio. Will Scott plays in Bill Johnsons style on bass, rather than the banjo of the original recordings. They use mutes more sparingly than did Armstrong and Oliver on the original recordings, on the assumption they would have been used less in a live context. So this is not an exact replica, nor is it meant to be, but it is as an exact a "could have been", as these talented musicians could muster. In addition to Ball and Scott the musicians are; Michael McQuaid, cornet, Harry Evans, cornet, David Horniblow, clarinet, Chris Lowe, trombone, Martin Wheatley, banjo, and Andrew Oliver, piano. Some of the best traditional jazz musicians playing today, even if they don't make it to this side of the pond as often as they sho
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