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The Syncopatin’ Seven was a later version of The Syncopatin’ Five. They got their start playing dance music in hotels in Florida. Most of the band members were from Ohio and Indiana and they returned North and played gigs there until the winter when they returned to Florida and played in Georgia. In 1922 saxophonist Ray Stillson and the then unknown cornet player Red Nichols joined the band bringing the number of Syncopating Five to seven.

The Syncopating Seven

The Syncopating Seven 1923 Left to right: Ray Stilson, Red Nichols, Chuck Campbell, Herb Hayworth, Dusty Rhoades, Gilbert Dutton, Russell Stubbs.

They jokingly billed themselves as the The Syncopating Five and their Orchestra, and recorded under the more logical name of The Syncopating Seven. The band went north to Chicago where Red Nichols first encountered Bix Beiderbecke’s cornet playing while Bix sat in with the Friars Society Orchestra. After this Nichols started to model his playing after Bix’s style. The Syncopating Seven played Florida again in the winter and then landed a prestigious gig at the Ambassador Hotel in Atlantic City, where Paul Whiteman rose to fame. They felt they needed a classier image and changed the band’s name to the Royal Palm Orchestra. The band was a flop and they hightailed it back to Indiana where the group broke up soon afterwards.

ddd discography

TitleRecording DateRecording LocationCompany
(Fred Fisher)
11-22-1922Richmond, IndianaGennett

Strutting At The Strutter’s Ball11-22-1922Richmond, IndianaGennett

Toot-Toot-Tootsie (Goo’ Bye)
(Gus Kahn / Ernie Erdman / Dan Russo )
11-22-1922Richmond, IndianaGennett


Chuck CampbellTrombone
Gilbert DuttonClarinet
Herb HayworthBanjo
Red NicholsCornet
Dusty RhoadesDrums
Ray StillsonC-Melody Saxophone
Russell StubbsPiano


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