Shelly Gallichio

After 48-1/2 years, Shelly Gallichio is a retired Real Estate Associate Broker in Tucson, Arizona and despite growing up in Chicago, fell in love with the clarinet and the New Orleans sound at the age of three—she intends to spend the next 48-1/2 years seeking that sound! Reach her at [email protected]

Quarter Notes February 2024

And The Band Played On… The venerable 62-year old Preservation Hall has announced an expansion of its facilities to further support the 12-year old Preservation

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Back in My Own Backyard!

The May 21st meeting of the Arizona Classic Jazz Society celebrated Cheryl Thurston’s birthday. The talented and multi-instrumentalist is well known in the Society and

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Autumn in New…Orleans!

It is glorious time of the year when summer (and hurricane season) ends, when strolls through the French Quarter are pleasant and when parading groups

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Swing That Music!

In Chandler, Arizona, the Arizona Classic Jazz Society reconvened after their summer hiatus to enjoy the Wildcat Jazz Band at their monthly event in September.

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Hot Jazz and Cool Breezes!

Leaving Southern Arizona’s summer heat for the cooler mountains of Northern Arizona, it was time to attend the Prescott Jazz Summit for a weekend of

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Portrait of vocalist Quiana Lynell - oil on canvas by Emilie Rhys.

Oh, What a Night!

It seems that during the annual hurricane season, New Orleans and the French Quarter delight in providing lots of distractions to benefit both local musicians,

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