Emily Asher: Keeping it Positive

This summer, trombonist/singer/composer Emily Asher had planned on touring with her band Garden Party, in support of the group’s newest album If I Were a Window. She released the album to the public last month, right in the middle of 2020’s global pandemic. COVID-19 disrupted the traditional path for promoting a new album by playing the new music for audiences. Asher, though concerned for the well-being and finances of her bandmates and musician friends, sees the pandemic rather wistfully as she quarantines in her hometown of Seattle, Washington, away from her adopted home of New York City. “I consider myself fortunate because I was already at a point where I was thinking about a change in my life with a new direction by incorporating more of my education background,” Asher said. “In January, I started looking for more full-time teaching jobs. There was already a shift where I wasn’t just looking for more gigs, more gigs, more gigs. It was more saying ‘here I have this band that I love—we have been together for a long time—and how I can I integrate that into education?’” Asher earned multiple college degrees (the proverbial having something to fall back on if show business doesn’t work out) though to say she hasn’t been successful in jazz would be to unfairly discount the growing number of outstanding reviews for her work. She is a highly respected trombon
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