I Won’t Take It With Me

As I wrote the thumbnail bio of Guy Lombardo for the Jazz Birthday of the Month today, I had vague feelings of déjà vu. This was not a mystical experience, nor a possible neurological malfunction. I simply realized I had written a similar column 46 years ago when I was 15 years old. It’s even possible Guy was still alive when I wrote it. I’d quote it here (anything to spare myself the drudgery of coming up with new material), but it is in a filing cabinet in a room of my house I cannot easily get to. I should have thought about this days ago. I might have spared myself all the agony of squeezing new copy out of my brain. Having a chunk of prose to slap into a column as my printer’s deadline grows ever closer is a great comfort. If I did more cleaning and straightening, I’d likely have to do less actual writing. As you yawn and turn toward the more engaging pieces in this month’s issue, I’ll assume instead that you were just asking, “How comes it that you were writing an actual column in 1977, when earth tones ruled the day and Saturday Night Live was still good? Didn’t you have homework to do, or something?” I’m glad you asked. I’m afraid that nepotism had everything to do with it. In 1976, my father, having been cast aside by his political party and having tried a variety of other lines of work, became the editor and publisher of local franchise of a televi
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