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Original Crescent City Jazzers
Originally from Mobile, Alabama, the Original Crescent City Jazzers later went by the name of the Arcadian Serenaders after moving to St. Louis in 1925. Trumpet player Sterling Bose went on to have a very successful career in Jazz up until the 1940s. He played in the Jean Goldkette Orchestra, with Ben PollackBenny Goodman, Glenn Miller, Miff Mole and Bud Freeman.

Original Crescent City Jazzers
Original Crescent City Jazzers – Left to right:Felix Guarino, Sterling Bose, Johnny Riddick, unknown, unknown, Avery Loposer.


Title Recording Date Recording Location Company
(Avery Loposer / G.E. Murphy)
3-17-1925 New Orleans, Louisiana Okeh 40101
Sensation Rag
(Eddie Edwards)
3-17-1925 New Orleans, Louisiana Okeh 40101

Original Crescent City Jazzers

Artist Instrument
Stirling Bose Cornet
Felix Guarino Drums
Slim Hall Banjo
Cliff Holman Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Rudy Levy Alto Saxophone
Avery Loposer Alto Saxophone
Eddie Powers Tenor Saxophone
Johnny Riddick Piano



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