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The Buffalodians / The Yankee Six
The top White band in Buffalo, NY during the 20s was the Buffalodians aka the Yankee Six and the Yankee Ten Orchestra. Founded by ex-Earl Fuller violinist Jack McGlaughlin, the band grew in size, territory, and influence over the early 20s, playing summer seasons at Crystal Beach on the Ontario side of Lake Erie.

Buffalodians ca. 26
Buffalodians ca. 26

They eventually bought their own dance hall and attracted the attention of Okeh Records in 1925 who recorded them in their hometown. They rebranded, toured, added a young Harold Arlen (then Harold Arluck) on second piano, and hightailed it to New York where they played on Long Island and briefly on Broadway. Members later recalled that they remodeled after the then-popular Ross Gorman band with Red Nichols and Miff Mole, and this was part of how they got a deal with Columbia Records.The Buffalodians / The Yankee Six

Sadly the band broke up in 1926, partially due to Arlen’s rising popularity overshadowing McGlaughlin’s baton waving. Still, their final Columbia session finds them in rare form, with Arlen providing a potent scat vocal on the era hit “Would Ja?”—by Colin HancockThe Buffalodians / The Yankee Six


Title Recording Date Recording Location Company
Baby Face  7-1-1926  New York Banner
Deep Henderson 5-24-1926  New York Columbia 665-D
Here Comes Emaline 5-24-1926  New York Columbia
How Many Times? 7-1926  New York Regal
I Never Knew How Much I Loved You 3-1925 Buffalo, New York Okeh
Jimtown Blues
(Charlie Davis)
3-1925 Buffalo, New York Okeh
No One
(Milton Ager)
3-1925 Buffalo, New York Okeh
Oh! Those Eyes
(Bert Kalimar / Harry Ruby / M.K. Jerome)
3-1925 Buffalo, New York Okeh
She’s Still My Baby 8-20-1926  New York Columbia 723-D
Would-ja? 8-20-1926  New York Columbia 723-D

The Buffalodians / The Yankee Six

Artist Instrument
Ted Benton Clarinet
Cal Davis Cornet
Bill Fitzgerald Trombone
Dick George Piano
Harrison Hall Bass Brass
Jules Pilar Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone
Irving Matthews Banjo
Jack McLaughlin Violin
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