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The Cotton Club Orchestra was the name that the Missourians used when playing at the Cotton Club which was located on the second floor of 644 Lexington at the corner of West 142nd Street in New York. The band would go on to be paired with Cab Calloway and ultimately they became Calloway’s band.

St Louis Cotton Club Band 1925
St. Louis Cotton Club Band. Photograph by Block Brothers Studio, ca. 1925. Missouri History Museum. 

When Andy Preer died in 1927 the Cotton Club sought a replacement band. King Oliver was first offered the gig but turned it down, and the engagement was then offered to Duke Ellington. One additional record was released by the Cotton Club Orchestra as Andy Preer and the Cotton Club Orchestra.

A special thanks to James Gallup for his help with the recordings on this page.

ddd discography

TitleRecording DateRecording LocationCompany
Charleston Ball
(Donald Heywood)
11-10-1925New York, New YorkColumbia

Down And Out Blues
(Arthur Sizemore)
1-6-1925New York, New YorkColumbia

Everybody Stomp!
(Elmer Schoebel)
11-10-1925New York, New YorkColumbia

Original Two-Time Man
(Walter Donaldson / Richard Whiting)
3-31-1925New York, New YorkColumbia

Riverboat Shuffle
(Dick Voynow / Hoagy Carmichael / Irving Mills)
4-27-1925New York, New YorkColumbia

Snag ‘Em Blues
(Perry Bradford)
1-6-1925New York, New YorkColumbia


Andrew BrownClarinet, Tenor Saxophone
Harry CooperTrumpet
Sidney de ParisTrumpet
R.Q. DickersonTrumpet
David JonesAlto Saxophone
Eli LoganAlto Saxophone
Leroy MaxeyDrums
Louis MetcalfTrumpet
Andy PreerViolin Leader
Earres PrincePiano
Jimmy SmithBass Brass
Charlie StampsBanjo
Walter ThomasAlto Saxophone
DePriest WheelerTrombone


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