Red Hot Jazz Archive was a crown jewel of the early internet. Starting in the mid ’90s it made the offline discographies and biographies of early jazz available to the online public. It also hosted thousands of audio files donated by people who were digitizing their 78 RPM record collections, making many obscure recordings available for the first time. This all started long before Youtube and even before Wikipedia was much more than an idea.

We are duplicating the content of the Red Hot Jazz Archive from a snapshot saved in’s Wayback Machine. Keeping with both the original intent and mission of everything will be publicly available outside of our paywall. For ease of use we are improving each entry to meet the norms of the phone friendly modern internet.

The downloadable music files are mostly MP3s but some are in the ancient Real Audio (.ra) format. Rather than opening a new tab so you can stream or download them the Real Audio files will immediately download when you click them. Don’t be frightened. You don’t need Real Audio player to play them but they won’t work on Windows Media Player. We recommend the free and open source VLC player.

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Austin High Gang

The Austin High Gang

The Austin High Gang by Charles Edward Smith From “Jazzmen,” by Frederic Ramsey, Jr. & Charles Edward Smith Harcourt, Brace & Company – New York,

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Fletcher Henderson Orchestra

Fletcher Henderson Orchestra

The Fletcher Henderson Orchestra was the most popular African-American band of the 1920s. The smooth, carefully arranged sound of Henderson’s orchestra was a huge influence on the Swing style

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Carmichael's Collegians

Carmichael’s Collegians

This is Hoagy Carmichael’s first band that he led while he attended the University of Indiana in Bloomington, Indiana. The band had two other recording sessions at

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The Wolverine Orchestra

Al Gandee (1896-1946)

Al Gandee played with the Woverines when it was stationed for a three-month stint at Doyle’s Dance Studio in Cincinnati. He also participated on the

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Kid Ory (1886-1973)

Kid Ory was the greatest trombone player in the early years of Jazz. He originally played banjo, but then switched to trombone. Perhaps his banjo

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Kid Ory's Creole Orchestra

Kid Ory’s Creole Orchestra

Title Recording Date Recording Location Company 1919 (Traditional) 9-8-1945 Los Angeles, California Crescent 4 (1013) Ballin’ The Jack (Chris Smith) 2-12-1945 Los Angeles, California Exner

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Busse's Buzzards Deep Elm

Busse’s Buzzards

Busse’s Buzzards was a “hot” side project of the Paul Whiteman Orchestra. Whiteman‘s trumpet player Henry Busse was the leader of this recording session. Busse stayed with the Paul Whiteman Orchestra until 1928 when

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Buddy Burton

Black Diamond Twins

Title Recording Date Recording Location Company Block And Tackle 3-30-1932 New York, New York Banner 32435 Oriole 8137 Artist Instrument W.E. Burton Piano, Vocals Bob

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Alabama Jim and George

Alabama Jim and George

Thanks to J.E. Knox for his help with this page. Title Recording Date Recording Location Company All Over You 6-10-1929 Richmond, Indiana Gennett 6918 Crossin’

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Buddy Burton

Blythe and Burton

The song “Dustin’ The Keys” features both Jimmy Blythe and Buddy Burton playing on one piano simultaneously. Title Recording Date Recording Location Company Block And Tackle Blues (W.E.

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Leon Roppolo

Leon Roppolo (1902-1943)

Leon Roppolo (March 16, 1902 – October 5, 1943) was considered a genius by his contemporaries and like Bix Beiderbecke and Buddy Bolden he was another of the

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Alberta Brown

Little is known about the life of Alberta Brown, but she made this excellent Blues record in 1928. She is backed up by members of

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Sidney Bechet's First Record

King Bechet Trio

This Clarence Williams produced session is Sidney Bechet‘s first record. It was released under the name of Rosetta Crawford accompanied by King Bechet Trio. Bechet plays some very soulful clarinet and

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Shirt Tail Stomp Bennie Goodman Boys

Benny Goodman’s Boys

These are Benny Goodman‘s first records under his own name. Benny was eighteen at the time. The January of 1928 session was released as Benny Goodman’s

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First Recording of Tiger Rag by The Original Dixieland Jazz Band

Jack Carey (1889-1934)

Trombonist Jack Carey was the older brother of Thomas “Pappa Mutt” Carey, the leader of the Crescent City Orchestra, and the author of perhaps the most

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Frank Duson

Frankie Dusen (1880-1940)

Frankie Dusen Jr. became the trombonist in Buddy Bolden‘s band in 1906 and took over the group after Bolden went insane in 1907. He re-named the group the Eagle Band after

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The Eagle Band 1916

The Eagle Band

The Eagle Band was a very important band in the history of Jazz. When Buddy Bolden went insane in 1907, Frankie Dusen took over Buddy Bolden’s Band and renamed it the

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Ma Rainey

Ma Rainey (1886-1939)

Gertrude Pridgett was born into a showbiz family that performed in minstrel shows. She first appeared onstage in 1900, singing and dancing in minstrel and

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