Steve Provizer

Steve Provizer is a brass player, arranger and writer. He has written about jazz for a number of print and online publications and has blogged for a number of years at: He is also a proud member of the Screen Actors Guild.
Ultimate Peggy Lee

The Ultimate Peggy Lee

Peggy Lee (nee Norma Deloris Egstrom) was one of the vocalists who made their mark with big bands in the 1940s. Some of these included

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Jazz Band Clip Art copyright

Jazz and Copyright Law

If you can imagine turning on the radio and hearing a song you wrote credited to someone else, you’re probably a believer in the concept

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Snow Street Music

Jazz Reality TV Shows

We in the jazz musical world are tired of being ignored by the media moguls who feed the bottomless American appetite for reality TV. Ever

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Influence and Art Tatum

Discerning influences – why musicians sing or play or write the way they do – can be as straightforward as recognizing a stolen/borrowed lick or

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Herbert L Clarke

Digging into the Cornet

While listening to cornetist Nat Adderley light it up during a recent listening session, I thought “Why does he play this aggressive style on cornet

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Fud Livingston

In Walked Fud

“[Fud Livingston’s] final decade was a difficult one, and a pernicious addiction to alcohol ultimately took him out ahead of schedule. Until shortly before his

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