The Festival Roundup October 2020

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Jazz Jubilee (by the Sea) is celebrating its 44th year with an Online Only Live Stream Event.

Bands that have committed to making a prerecorded video include Tom Rigney and Flambeau, the Midiri Brothers, Holy Crow, Riptide and Crescent Katz. Some of these bands, Riptide, Holy Crow and Flambeau, may actually come in and do a live performance in our “studio”, which we hope will be the Vet’s Hall. We hope to have a limited live audience attend these performances. Sonny Leyland will be our Master of Ceremonies and will play with special guests including Dawn Lambeth and Gary Ryan. Gary is also available to help out with the hosting duties. Molly Reeves and Naham Zdybel will perform as a duo and submit a video to us, as will Sheri Colby and Matty Bottel from Blue Street. We are also in contact with many other groups and expect many more names to be posted.

Hot Jazz Jubile

We will be working with Valerie and Simon Mercado from the local “Noble Productions” company to put together the best show possible, both pre-recorded and live. We have refunded the badges that were sold and solicited some as donations. More donations are coming in to support this virtual event.

More details will be forthcoming at

THE ARIZONA CLASSIC JAZZ FESTIVAL (Chandler, AZ) November 5-8, 2020

The music starts at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, November 5, and ends at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, November 8. In addition, an Afterglow that includes a buffet dinner and music will be offered at the hotel from 6 – 8:30 p.m. on Sunday for a cost of $35.

UpBeat Records

The bands will be: “BIG” B.A.D. Rhythm, the Black Market Trust, Cheryl’s Vintage Swing with special guest Dan Levinson on reeds, Cocuzzi Courtet, Cornet Chop Suey, Lynn Robert’s Swinging Saxes, Queen City Jazz Band, St. Louis Rivermen, Sentimental Breeze, Stephanie Trick & Paolo Alderighi, Sun City Stomperz, Tom Rigney & Flambeau, We 3 + 1, Wildcat Jazz Band, Wolverine Jazz Band, and guest Howard Alden.

Dabney and Karen Hopkins will be offering dance lessons throughout Saturday and Sunday providing you the opportunity to learn new steps along with the Phoenix Lindy Exchange.

The event is held at the Crowne Plaza Phoenix – Chandler Golf Resort, One San Marcos Place, Chandler, AZ. For rooms, call the hotel at 877-685-5594 before October 6 and be sure to identify that you will be attending this event. Badges may be purchased before October 29 by sending a check or credit card information to ACJF, 10918 E. Michigan Ave., Sun Lakes, AZ 85248 or by calling 480-620-3941. They will be available at the door starting at 2 p.m. on Thursday, November 5. Badges are $110 each if purchased before August 15; $130 after that date. Day badges will be available for purchase at the door: Thursday $20, Friday $55, Saturday $65, Sunday $45. Band sponsorship is very much appreciated. (

SUNCOAST JAZZ FESTIVAL (Live Stream Only) Nov. 21

A Live Stream event is being arranged for November 21st, during the time the Clearwater, Florida, festival would have happened in a normal year. Scheduled so far are Adrian Cunningham and his Old School jazzing it up in Barcelona, Dave Bennett Quartet, Heather Thorn and Vivacity, Tom Rigney and Flambeau, Nate Najar and Daniela Soledade, La Lucha with Diego Figuierido, and Tarpon Spring High School Jazz Ensemble.

For more information as it comes in, please visit


WEST COAST RAGTIME FESTIVAL (Live Stream Only) Nov. 20-22

The West Coast Ragtime Festival in person event has been cancelled for 2020 but there will be some form of Live Stream event to take the place of it that weekend. Please tune in to enjoy some of the same great artists you would have seen as we prepare for 2021.

THE SAN DIEGO JAZZ FEST & SWING EXTRAVAGANZA (Live Stream Only) Some portion of Nov. 25-29

Based on COVID-19 related concerns for our attendees and hotel partners as well as mandates from the CDC and State of California, the AFCDJS Board of Directors has made the decision to cancel this year’s San Diego Jazz Fest live event, originally scheduled for November 25-29, 2020 at the Town and Country Hotel & Convention Center. We are currently putting together an online, “virtual” event in its place. Details can be found at Facebook Event page:


Following the guidelines of our governor, and for the sake of the health of our attendees and musicians, we are postponing our 41st North Carolina Jazz Festival from February 2021 to the first weekend in February,2022. We have our musicians for 2021 under contract and they have all agreed to the new dates.
The event will be at the Hotel Ballast on the bank of the Cape Fear River, in historic Wilmington NC. Those who have purchased tickets or patronships in advance will have the choice of a refund or have them validated for 2022.
For more information on the festival and the musicians who will be playing there please go to our website

For more information visit, e-mail [email protected], or call 910-793-1111.



The joy of New Orleans-style jazz is at the heart of this scholastic combo festival, which is dedicated to fostering a better appreciation of this classic American art form. Each year, scores of young musicians gather at the annual Teagarden Jazz Festival (formerly named Traditional Jazz Youth Band Festival) for experiences that take their musical skills to the next level.

SOUNDS OF MARDI GRAS (Fresno, CA) – Feb. 11-14

We are waiting for restrictions for large gatherings to be rescinded before we can begin planning our Festival.  We hope to have good news in November. Keep checking in at, Facebook Event page:

SAN DIEGO JAZZ PARTY (Del Mar, CA) – Feb. 19-21

The 32nd annual San Diego Jazz Party is set to take place in Del Mar, Calif., 20 miles north of San Diego, at the Hilton San Diego/Del Mar.


Performers at the 2020 Jazz Party will be Harry Allen, John Allred, Evan Arntzen, Dan Barrett, Danny Coots, Rebecca Kilgore, Ed Metz, Nicki Parrott, Ken Peplowski, Jon-Erik Kellso, Houston Person, Ed Polcer, Vinny Raniolo, Chuck Redd, Rossano Sportiello, Dave Stone, and Jason Wanner.

All-events badges cost $250 and includes Friday free-bar cocktail party and Saturday jazz brunch; Friday-evening passes cost $85; Saturday passes cost $145; Sunday passes cost $85; reservations for single sessions accepted after Jan. 1. Visit; or write San Diego Jazz Party, 1632 Hillstone Avenue, Escondido, CA 92029-4332.

Virtual Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival – February 25-27, 2021


Since the 1960s, the University of Idaho Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival has been honoring the music, dance and history of jazz music and one of its most cherished artists Lionel Hampton.

By providing a virtual experience for students, artists and educators across the globe, the 2021 Festival will continue to honor these traditions while breaking new ground. Music enthusiasts will have the opportunity to attend artist and educational workshops, perform and receive feedback from world-class artist educators, and view phenomenal concerts featuring live performances of present jazz stars and archival footage of past greats including Hamp himself. You won’t want to miss this incredible event!

JAZZ BASH BY THE BAY (Monterey, CA) (Cancelled)

The Board of Directors of Dixieland Monterey, after much consideration, has voted to cancel Jazz Bash by the Bay 2021 because of the risks posed by COVID-19. The majority of our demographic falls within the most at-risk population. Even with conflicting reports of when a vaccine might be available to all Americans, we do not want to put anybody involved with the festival at risk. Will a vaccine be available soon enough before our festival for everybody to receive their two doses and time to develop their own immunity? We don’t know and care enough about all of you to not take the chance. Will California – Monterey County specifically – be able to hold large indoor gatherings and concerts by early March? We don’t know. Would everybody feel comfortable and safe without thinking of the risk? Probably not. We want Dixieland Monterey’s Jazz Bash by the Bay to retain the joyful party atmosphere we all so highly treasure at our beautiful event instead of everyone walking on eggshells and very much on edge.

So, with that said, please put March 4-6, 2022 on your calendar for the best Jazz Bash by the Bay ever. We plan to invite the bands and musicians who had verbally committed to 2021 plus many more. More information will be on our website as plans develop. Stay safe! We care about each and every one of you. Keep posted at


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