August 2018

Vol.3, No.8 August 2018

Table of Contents


Adrian Cunnigham: The Professor Swings, by Lew Shaw

A Conversation with Pianist Neville Dickie, by Bill Hoffman

Circus Music Lives!, by Joe Bebco

Mike Vax on Jazz Education, by Lew Shaw


Static From My Attic, by Andy Senior

Jazz Birthday of The Month: Louis Armstrong, Illustration by Gary Price

Jazz Jottings, by Lew Shaw

Blowing off the Dust, By Larry Melton

Quarter Notes, By Shelly Gallichio

Profiles in Jazz: Chris Barber, by Scott Yanow

The Festival Roundup, by TST

Letters to the Editor

The Final Chorus, compiled by Joe Bebco


The Professor is IN, by Adrian Cunnigham

Collecting or Hoarding?, by Randi Cee


Albums: Nights at the Turntable, by Scott Yanow

Albums: Off the Beaten Tracks, by Joe Bebco

The Syncopated Bookshelf

Freedom’s Dance: Social Aid and Pleasure Clubs in New Orleans, Review by Joe Bebco

World on a String: A Musical Memoir, review by Lew Shaw

Concert Review: The Night Blooming Jazzmen, by Harvey Barkan

Album Review: 79ers Gang captures Mardi Gras Indian Experience, by Joe Bebco

Other News & Event Previews

Bix & Satch get a Season in the Sun, by Russ Tarby

Larry Karp Memorial Fund Established, by Lary Melton

Shrine Group to Fill Jazz Gap Left by Seaside Fest Hiatus, Press Release

Back to School Subscription Drive, TST