Hal Smith

Hal Smith is an Arkansas-based drummer and writer. He leads the New Orleans Night Owls and the

Mortonia Seven and works with a variety of jazz and swing bands. Visit him online at

Halfway House Orchestra

The Halfway House Orchestra

Jeff Barnhart: Hal, this month we’re examining the output of the remarkably polished Halfway House Orchestra, a white dance band that had a residency at

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Ain’t Cha Got Letters?

Jeff Barnhart: Hal, last month I mentioned we’d continue with an exploration of the seminal early jazz classic, “Copenhagen.” Let’s postpone that for a month

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Focus on The Missourians

Jeff Barnhart: Hal, we’re taking a month break from our exploration of Moten to concentrate on the music of the band we compared to early

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The Bix Beiderbecke Story

Origins of a Passion for Music

JB: Hal, over the past several columns, we’ve explored obscure musical heroes, dissected seminal early jazz pieces, and celebrated iconic ensembles. Let’s take a break

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