June 2017

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Fats Waller
Profiles In Jazz
Scott Yanow

Fats Waller: Profiles in Jazz

Most of the major jazz musicians excelled in one or two areas. For example Jack Teagarden, the subject of last month’s Profiles In Jazz, was

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Mad renewal card
Static From My Attic
Andy Senior

How Could You Possibly Go Wrong?

In January 2016, when I launched The Syncopated Times as Publisher and Editor, I had not gauged the full import of assuming responsibility for every

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Keep Cool With Coolidge
The Professor Is IN
Adrian Cunningham

How to Be Cool

Let’s be honest: jazz musicians are cool. Statistically speaking, cooler than you. Case in point: jazz musicians are far too cool to actually read this

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Jazz Jottings
Lew Shaw

Jazz Jottings June 2017

Justin Kauflin As a child, Justin Kauflin learned classical music on the violin and piano. By the age of 6, he was performing in concerts,

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Jimmy Lunceford
Jazz Birthday
Andy Senior

Jimmie Lunceford

James Melvin “Jimmie” Lunceford was born June 6, 1902 on a farm near Fulton, Mississippi. His family moved to Oklahoma City before Jimmie was a

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Bob and Erda Erdos
Letters to the Editor
Syncopated Times

Letters to the Editor June 2017

BMI Demands Tribute from Bix To the Editor: After dealing with just about everything at the Tribute to Bix fest for almost 30 years, music

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Blowing Off The Dust
Larry Melton

The Scott Joplin Postage Stamp

1983 was a busy year… I note that as the Director of Symposia for the 2017 Scott Joplin International Ragtime Festival, Bill Edwards will present

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Scott Yanow's Nights at the Turntable

Django a la Creole Live

Django à la Créole Live

What would the music have sounded like if Sidney Bechet and Django Reinhardt (who were both in France in the early 1950s) had recorded together,

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The Dime Notes

The Dime Notes (2016 Debut)

The Dime Notes is a young group based in Great Britain although its leader-pianist Andrew Oliver is originally from Oregon. Comprised of Oliver, clarinetist David

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