Circus Band

Circus Music Lives

Circus Culture is alive and well. Young creatives have taken to learning the trades of the sideshow as well as the entertainments of the center ring. Acrobats

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Ev Farey saved my life.

I was twenty-two years old, on my first trip to Europe with a now-legendary band called the Sunset Music Company. People often ask me for

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Festival Scene in Flux

With the continual announcements regarding jazz societies and festivals shutting down, it would appear that the good ship TradJazz is sailing in turbulent waters. But

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Count Basie Hess Photo, Driggs collection

In Defense of Club Culture

Joe Bebco’s article (“What Is To Be Done?” March 2018) resonated strongly with me. As someone whose deepest sense of jazz’s immediacy and importance was

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Bear Cat Jass Band 1992

Remembering Dick Ames

Dick Ames fell in love with jazz when it was America’s popular music in the 1930s, went on to play cornet with a college dance

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Marlene VerPlanck by John Herr 8-2017

Marlene VerPlanck, 1933-2018

Marlene VerPlanck, one of the best-known interpreters of the American Popular Songbook died Sunday, January 14, 2018, at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital after a brief illness.

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