September 2019

On the Cover

Don Neely's Royal Society Jazzes On





Table of Contents

Terry Myers: One of a Kind, by Van Young 

D.A. Pennebaker: “The Very Nature of Film is Musical”, by Steve Provizer 


New Photo of Bix Surfaces in Voynow Scrapbook, by Andy Senior 

Historic Okeh Studio Slated for Demolition, by Kyle Kessler 

Ascona: a “New Orleans Experience” in Switzerland, by Frank Farbenbloom 

New Orleans Jazz from San Antonio, by Russ Tarby 


Jazz Birthday of the Month: Joe Venuti, illustration by Joe Busam 

Static from my Attic, by Andy Senior 

Final Chorus, compiled by Joe Bebco 

Jazz Travels: 2019 Bix Beiderbecke Jazz Festival, by Bill Hoffman 

The Professor is IN: The Mind of the Jazz Musician, by Adrian Cunningham 

Quarter Notes: The Carousel Bar “Turns” 70, by Shelly Gallichio 

Laurence Juber Rules the “Realm of the Tune”, by Randi Cee 

Festival Roundup

Profiles in Jazz: The Russell Family, by Scott Yanow 

Blowing off the Dust: Joplin’s Landmark School, by Larry Melton 


Patrick von Wiegandt and the Swanky Phenomenon, by Joe Bebco 

The Boy in the Boat, review by Shelly Gallichio 

Nights at the Turntable, by CD Reviews by Scott Yanow

Jazz Crush by Arntzen & Kellso, review by Ricky Riccardi 

Off the Beaten Tracks, reviews by Joe Bebco 

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