February 2023

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Ain't Cha Got Music?

The Tailgate King: Kid Ory, Part Two

Jeff Barnhart: Welcome back, hot music enthusiasts! This month, we offer the sequel to our exploration of trombonist Edward “Kid” Ory. On July 14th, 1926,

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Fred Hylands 1890s
Recording Pioneers

The Distinction of Fred Hylands

Every pianist has their own style, and as we study the accompaniments of the earliest acoustic recordings of the regular studio pianists of the 1890s

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Blowing Off The Dust

The Demise of Names & Numbers

We have faced many obituaries of major figures in music since the pandemic and a similar increase in the number of program and event cancellations

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Wilbur Sweatman
Jazz Birthday

Wilbur Sweatman

Wilbur Sweatman was born February 7, 1882 in Brunswick, Missouri. His older sister Eva sparked Wilbur’s interest in music, teaching him to play piano. Later,

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Kid Ory
Letters to the Editor

The Word From Ory

I had the opportunity to hear Kid Ory and his band when they performed at a joint on San Francisco’s Embarcadero in the late ’60s,

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Static From My Attic

Fanfare for the Maladroit

Artificial stupidity will never replace the real thing. This motto, of which I should commission an embroidered sampler, is brought home to me on a

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News and More

Album Reviews

Lucy Lambert’s Violet Drift

Lucy Lambert’s unique vocals fit remarkably well with what she is going for in this accordion-focused and very expressive traditional jazz album. Audiences, especially in

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Phonographic Yearbook • 1904

Archeophone, the top label in reissuing pre-1920 music, recently added 1904 to their Phonographic Yearbook series. Just as in their other releases in this series

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